Here’s How to Use Data to Speed Up Your Marketing Decisions



Making decisions faster with more reliable data is a common marketing goal. During #SMWONE, NetBase Quid’s Zen Ahmed and Mesenbourg shared their best practices for achieving great efficiency in our marketing.


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Now more than ever it’s important for marketers to make smarter data-driven decisions. Instead of just monitoring, more brands and businesses are looking for actionable data that can help push the business forward, from both a strategic, marketing, and operational standpoint.

During their #SMWONE session, NetBase Quid’s Zen Ahmed and Zachary Mesenbourg used the current state of COVID as a timely example of how brands can uncover important themes — using the NetBase Quid platform — that are top-of-mind for consumers during this time, plus how to extrapolate conversation drivers and audience segments from those themes uncovered. The result was a real-time analysis that shows brands how to “make decisions faster with more reliable data” as Mesenbourg pointed out, and stay one step ahead.

Here are the primary insights and takeaways:

  • Start with the “why” or the challenge
  • Be the artist around your data sets and analysis
  • Deep dives help build context around key entities

There’s a wide variety of data sources at a brand’s disposal

By inputting any search query, NetBase Quid’s “web” functionality gives brands a visual way to understand the news and topics around it. Through this, brands “can compare and contrast articles that are leveraging similar language” states Ahmed, and identify clusters of articles around certain topics that users can then dive deep into.

The platform also gives an insight into trends taking place and the conversations that have been evolving over time through a timeline map. From there, the platform can break it down by audiences – some specific examples Ahmed showed were splitting up the audiences into things like institutions mentioned, gender breakdowns, and top people or sources covering the topic. “This allows us to look at our audiences from a segmented perspective,” Ahmed adds and gets into harder to reach insights than more “conventional analytical tools” may provide.

From data to actionable insights

Brands can now understand a more comprehensive “state of affairs” around any topic through NetBase Quid, breaking it down through a central topic, island clusters, unique clusters and largest volume that are all shown on the map. With so much data out there, it’s especially important to listen and analyze first, before you connect with your certain teams and disseminate the information. It’s important to start with the challenges you want to solve, then find an analysis approach that makes sense for you.

Mesenbourg also adds that brands should “not only be smart with the questions you want answers for when it comes to the analysis types you’re running” but also the audience segments that are “going to be pretty critical to the decisions that you make.”

Being creative with both your data analysis and the results

This platform aims to create a holistic analysis around given topics or questions that a brand, marketer, or agency might be trying to answer – whether from
a media intelligence perspective or a consumer intelligence perspective. With so many capabilities and ways to display information, Metenbourg points out that you’re not just getting a “word cloud of top terms” but instead you can see the “true driving catalyst behind certain conversations” and how these conversations can transition and shift over time.

“Utilize different sources to your own brand’s advantage to drill home the decisions you’re trying to make,“ says Ahmed. Ultimately, he suggested that brands be the “artist around these data sets” developing whatever use cases fit their needs. The result? By going a next level deeper to see what consumers are talking about right now, brands get a real-time picture to what challenges consumers are facing, based on their conversations, plus how they’re interacting in a certain category, and much more. Based on this data, brands can make decisions faster with more reliable data to support it, especially with the NetBase Quid visualizations to drill home those messages.

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