How Collectively, AdCouncil and DBA Are Adapting Influencer Strategies During COVID-19



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Like many industries, advertising is still trying to find its footing during these unprecedented times. But one thing’s for sure: brands, agencies, creators, and media companies all need to be shifting their strategies and working together to get through this.

In a recent webinar hosted by CreatorIQ, the influencer marketing platform brought together Reesa Lake, Partner & EVP at Digital Brand Architects (DBA); Lina Renzina, Talent Relations & Partnerships Manager at Ad Council; and Natalie Silverstein, VP of Brand & Culture at Collectively, to create an open forum for collaboration and understand how they are adapting their influencer strategies during this time. So many people are working hard to spread positivity using the power of digital influence. Now more than ever, CreatorIQ and its partners are focused on bringing the influencer marketing community together.

Here are the key highlights:

  • How current events are affecting the industry, partnerships, and creator content
  • What brands and agencies can do to keep business humming while pushing the industry forward
  • How creators are helping with social good initiatives

Forging ahead: creators and social good initiatives

Ad Council kicked off the webinar by assessing active campaigns and incorporating messaging that acknowledged the current state of the world. For example: “We have a campaign with Feeding America. We’ve included messages around food insecurity during this time,” Renzina explained. “Other messages are probably not going to resonate with talent’s audiences as they would if they were directly tied to the crisis ”

She continued, “Our goal is to educate talent about how to speak responsibly to their audiences about sensitive issues. Whether it’s suicide prevention or COVID-19, we want to make sure they’re talking about it with their audiences in the right and most responsible way.”

DBA’s Reesa Lake added to this emphasizing the importance of community: “We immediately set up strategy calls with all of the talent that we manage, and the first conversation was really around, how are you addressing your community? How are you having this conversation?”

Creating bonds and fueling engagement

Lake expressed that maintaining open lines of communication between the brand and the influencer is always important, but can make all the difference in crucial content decisions in times of crisis. That kind of communication can result in an authentic bond between brand and consumer, driven by the influencer.

Collectively’s Natalie Silverstein touched on the fact that all eyes are on social media, which means increased viewership for influencers, and presents a space for creativity and different types of content without barriers to entry. Silverstein also spoke to increased engagement: “Instagram story view rate is up 33% month over month, and the Instagram feed’s organic audience reach is also up 30%, which is a good indicator of just how much content people are consuming.”

This sort of increased engagement and reach presents a prime opportunity for influencers to play an integral role in news dissemination. And this power of influence is why the World Health Organization has partnered with creators to help spread awareness.

For more insights on mitigating risk and ensuring brand safety during COVID-19, tune into Social Media Week’s panel with CreatorIQ and AdCouncil tommorrow, Wednesday, May 13, at 12:00pm EDT.

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