How Facebook is Enhancing Online Community Engagement During COVID-19



The new courses will run from May to September and feature special guests discussing how to build community foundations, managing conflict, and more.


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More than ever being part of a community is integral to navigating uncertainty. We continue to face unprecedented challenges and look to communities to uplift us and bring us closer together as we weather the storm. That’s why late last month Facebook announced its Community Connect: Navigating COVID-19 to help equip its community leaders with the tools and practices for success.

Roughly 200 million people are now members of “very meaningful groups” on Facebook. For many, these communities are the most important part of their social network experience with the number of users participating in Groups now exceeding 1.4 billion. Admit the current global pandemic, the relevance and importance of groups continues to grow with millions flocking to support groups to lend a hand, keep informed of the latest updates, and stay connected with family and friends.

On the heels of this shift and following its April event, Facebook is further supporting marketers as they seek to effectively manage their communities and establish relationships between community leaders. More specifically, the platform is unveiling a slew of educational courses aimed to provide guidance and pointers for those looking to make the most of their Facebook groups. Each will also include special guests (CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself made an appearance at the first Community Connect event) and product announcements relevant to facilitating group engagement including how to avoid the spread of misinformation and use the latest resources and tools to communicate more effectively.

Enhancing Online Community Management During COVID-19 Era

Each month will feature a different theme with workshops and guest speakers to lead the discussion. Here are a few highlights of the next five months:

May: “Community Foundations” will help managers return to the basics for setting up and maintaining a thriving community.

June: “Growth in Your Community” will outline ways to promote your community, manage growth and get the right people involved in your group.

July: “Engaging Your Community” will offer tips for getting your members to interact regularly and best practices for sharing productively including what to post and when.

August: “Managing Conflict” will take a deeper look at how to productively manage points of tension in your group and productively problem-solve solutions.

September: “Hosting Events” wetting your community together online and off.

“It’s times like this when strong communities are needed most….Even if not organizing directly around coronavirus yourself, your groups have provided an escape for people or a sounding board for people who need support and comfort during this time,” said Zuckerberg in a statement to TechCrunch as he reflected on the inaugural virtual event. In other words, in these trying times sometimes providing the space for people to be heard is an impactful solution in itself.

Regardless of our physical separation, we have never been more connected to each other than we are right now. We’re abandoning division, embracing empathetic instincts, and using social media to instill new value exchanges between brands and consumers. Leadership is taking a collaborative twist where learning from one another and being agile is integral to long-lasting relationships.

Check out the sessions from Facebook’s first Community Connect event here and stay up to date on coming education sessions here.

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