How TikTok is Boosting Digital Learning with #LearnOnTikTok



The platform is working with over 800 institutions, media publishers, public figures, real-world professional experts in its latest push in digital learning.


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While digital learning isn’t “new” it’s been thrusted into the mainstream due to COVID-19 resulting in students and professionals of all ages to rely on digital tools and resources to advance their careers. Platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and most recently, TikTok are eager to use their communities and technologies to address this need and help audiences navigate this hurdle today and in the months ahead as the country begins to open up.

Last month TikTok pledged $250M to support its community including frontline workers and small businesses who have been significantly impacted and face severe financial challenges as a result of the pandemic. As part of this effort, the platform introduced the Creative Learning Fund to help facilitate ongoing learning from a distance. Specifically, a $50M fund was established for emerging teachers on TikTok including educators, exprets, and nonprofits whose skills and experts can directly fuel the production of learning content on the video creation platform.


Fast forward to today, TikTok is taking the next steps in its push and has teamed up with more than 800 educational institutions, media publishers, public figures and real-world professional experts in the launch of its newest initiative #LearnOnTikTok. Subject matter will span topics including exercise, sleep and dental health tips, meditation, lessons in floral arrangements, farming best practices, and aquatic life.

Leading these explainers are creators and organizations including Aquarium of the Pacific, Headspace, Cyndi Lai, an independent fitness trainer, Upworthy, and Christen Fosque of Hedonia Flowers in Chicago, who had to shut down her shop due to the pandemic.

“The rise in informative, instructional, and motivational videos alongside the memes and artistry signals a growing interest in content that makes learning more enjoyable,” shared Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships in the official announcement.

Tapping notable experts

Beyond its immediate community, TikTok is doubling down on resources in its attempt at being a reliable source for digital learning by bringing in the experts who can deliver next-level inspiration and information.

Bill Nye of the popular hit series “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” will share his insights as a leading science educator, mechanical engineer, and CEO of The Planetary Society, to bring science to the small screen in big ways that are fun and immersive. In a similar vein, Neil deGrasse Tyson, known for his extensive background as an astrophysicist, cosmologist, planetary scientist, author and science communicator will tap into topics focused on the greater universe and space.

Separately, José Andrés, world renowned culinary figure, founder of World Central Kitchen and owner of ThinkFoodGroup, will bring his best cook tips to TikTok that he’s gathered from across the world while Lilly Singh, host of NBC’s “A Little Late” will offer comic relief to these difficult times in addition to tips for feeling seen and staying connected in age of social distancing.

Finally, the legendary Tyra Banks will offer unique tips and tricks to making your largest dreams a reality, or as she referred to in a statement about her participating in “Big Fierce Outrageous Goals.”

The Creator Learning Portal

Beyond general lessons, TikTok also shared that its releasing a new “creator learning portal,” which will provide insights, tools, and best practices on how to create quality content on TikTok. In an initial update to its tutorial series, the platform detailed ways you can now interact with TikTok on the web including how to upload videos, how to like and share content to other connected platforms, and how Pro accounts can access Insights from the Analytics dashboard.

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