Empathy: Your Path to Becoming a Powerful and Transformative Leader



The Business of Empathy teaches us that human’s most fundamental skill is greatly in demand and that every professional, regardless of their role or level of seniority should invest time in understanding how they can apply it to their work.


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Empathy, a word that has been used extensively during 2020. It is abundant yet also scarce. It is a foundational part of being human, however, when we look at what has happened this year and when we think about our politicians, the News Media, Social Media and the role of Corporations, you can argue that empathy is very much in short supply.

This is why we teamed up with Facebook, the 404, and Michael Ventura, the author of Applied Empathy, a book that helps us understand that empathy can provide a direct path to powerful and transformational leadership, to bring you The Business of Empathy, a 12-part content series that is exclusively available, for free, on SMW+.

Last year we announced the formation of the 404, a community of multi-disciplined, digital thought-leaders brought together to take necessary steps toward solving problems that exist as a product of how we use social media. Functioning as a coalition, The 404 is made up of over 40 member companies, including Facebook, who has provided support by offering up its Global Partner Centers to host 404 events and meetings, and most recently, a new content series on our live and on-demand streaming service, SMW+.

“Facebook is proud to support the Business of Empathy program and bring the industry together to make a change for good. The global pandemic has touched all aspects of our lives, and for business leaders, it’s more important than ever to dial up empathy for our customers, employees, and communities,” shared Sylvia Zhou, Global Industry Relations and Intelligence Lead at Facebook.

Each episode of The Business of Empathy takes on a different topic and features interviews with some of the world’s most successful business and marketing leaders, including former Head of Digital for Visa and CMO of Eargo, Shiv Singh, author of Restoring the Soul of Business and former Chief Growth Officer for Publicis, Rishad Tobaccowala, and Lola Banjo, a Strategic Innovation Partner at Salesforce.

“Our world is a diverse and nuanced place and those who can perspective take and evolve their understanding and behaviors will be well poised to usher in a more inclusive, collaborative world. This is why The Business of Empathy is so important. The time for empathy is now,” said Michael Ventura, author of Applied Empathy.

The 12 episodes of The Business of Empathy include:

  • EP1: Why Empathy, Why Now? with Michael Ventura
  • EP2: Empathy and Strategic Innovation with Lola Banjo
  • EP3: Empathy, Expertise and the Truth with Shiv Singh
  • EP4: Empathy in a Remote and Distant World with Teodora Pavkovic
  • EP5: Empathic Archetypes with Michael Ventura
  • EP6: Empathy and Design Thinking with Paulette Bluhm-Sauriol
  • EP7: Empathy, Innovation, and Pharma with Cal Austin
  • EP8: Empathy and Visual Communication with Kirstin Benson
  • EP9: Exploring the Whole Self with Michael Ventura
  • EP10: Empathic Leadership with Karuna Rawal
  • EP11: Empathy and Team Culture with Kiesha Garrison
  • EP12: Restoring the Soul of Business with Rishad Tobaccowala

You can watch all 12 episodes for free on SMW+, our streaming platform for marketers who are looking to level up in their careers, thanks to Facebook’s support.

We are confident that by watching this series you will become more enlightened and educated in the ways that empathy can be transformative to your career and help you become a more powerful leader.

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