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The following is a condensed version of “Focus on Instagram” by Scott Kleinberg, social media specialist at the Chicago Tribune. He co-authors So Social, the Tribune’s social media tips column.

By Scott Kleinberg

Bell bottoms and technology aside, Instagram isn’t that different from a Polaroid camera. Back then, you snapped a photo and passed  it around the room or stuck it on your avocado green refrigerator.

You can do the equivalent of that today. Post photos and never look back or do more. Much more with these tips:

Getting the Most out of Instagram

1. Follow people and they’ll follow you back: Instagram is a lot like Twitter. There are followers and people with @ names. One of the most rewarding experiences is meeting new people around the world and getting to know them through their photos. You can’t do that if you don’t follow people and create an online friendship.

2. Comment on photos: I know, I know … another social media platform that you have to spend time on. But I’ve met some pretty cool people on Instagram that I wouldn’t mind meeting in person. And it never gets old to see those little hearts under your photos. Think of what you can accomplish if you commit to commenting on just five photos each day. Before you know it, you’ll have a community looking forward to your posts.

Check out So Social for the rest of the tips, and follow Scott Kleinberg on Twitter.


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