Most important factor in building a social community from scratch? Authenticity.

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Rockit Bar & Grill had a full house at “1-25,000: How to Build a Community from Scratch” eager to learn tips on growing their social communities in the best and most ethical way possible.

Andrew Barber, Monica Dimperio, Jaime Black and Steve Green at Rockit

The Wednesday-evening Social Media Week Chicago panel included Jaime BlackMonica DimperioAndrew Barber and Steve Green.

With voices ranging from foodie to fashion and music bloggers sharing their knowledge in community growth, the main word driven home was authenticity.

Key Tips on how to be maintain an authentic blog, Twitter and Facebook page:

  • Having a healthy presence both online and offline is key.  Attend local events where you can interact with your community.  Don’t maintain an “Oz” like mystery around your name.
  • Give back to your community by going beyond the easy “Like” or retweet. Commenting shows your community that you are genuinely interested in their interactions with you.
  • Don’t buy your Twitter followers! Is discredits your reputation and tarnishes your name.  Having the right people following you is much more important than the amount of people following you at the end of the day.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re off to a great start in building a relevant and vibrant social community!

-Shawn Savage, Zocalo Group. Follow Shawn on Twitter at @ShawnRoberto.

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