‘Less Hype, Less Noise… More Certainty, More Civility’ – Sprout Social’s Andrew Caravella’s Vision of the Future of Social Media

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Andrew Caravella is VP of Marketing at Sprout Social, a leading social media management and engagement platform for businesses. He is also a Social Media Week Chicago advisory board member. We asked him a few questions about his views on social media. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @andrewcaravella.



Q: How has social media impacted your work and personal life?

A: It has impacted both parts of my life tremendously. I often joke that I use social media less now than before I worked at Sprout Social; but the reality is I just use it differently and more strategically. Certainly it’s a instance where my personal and professional lives collide so the lines are naturally blurred and it’s up to me to draw distinctions. For me, Twitter and LinkedIn remain predominantly career-focused – I work on cultivating a professional following, share and engage with digitally and socially relevant content and act as an ambassador for Sprout Social. Facebook and Instagram, however, are a bit more personal and the content I share tends to revolve around friends, family and personal interests. It’s a delicate balance and I do believe that we are all one personal brand, no matter the channel or network, so I take the holistic presence into account and intentionally crossover at time, as well.

From a purely personal standpoint, social as a communication channel is fantastic. I have friends all over the country and world, so social proves invaluable for keeping in touch. It allows me to share my life through pictures, messages and video, and gives my friends the ability to do the same even when we cannot be together in person. Social never replaces in person connection time but it makes physical distance much more bearable!


Q: How do you think social media will change the world in the coming decade?

A: In 10 years? That’s a lifetime away. To be honest, I think the next few years will bring a certain type of maturity for social media. Sure, usage will continue to increase, new networks will emerge and engagement will be even more crucial, but there will be a marked level of adoption and establishment of social as a viable and necessary communication channel for all people – individuals and businesses. There will be less hype, less noise, less anonymity and more ongoing communication, certainty – and civility – about and coming from within the channel. At least that is my hope. Much like other advancements and introductions to society, the early adoption stage eventually sunsets a bit and the result is a tried, tested and true communication channel.

Q: What are you most excited to experience at Social Media Week Chicago 2014?

A: I love the fact that they’ve added a two-day digital marketing summit – it’s a great idea to gather marketing and communication professionals together to share ideas and insight. Social is so ubiquitous that sometimes it helps to narrow conversational focus and learn from others in similar fields. I also think it’s great for Chicago as we continue to become a tech hub and important player in the space for the city to come together and support each other as a collective.


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