It’s All About Live Streaming: Smashing Pumpkins Founder and LiveOne CEO to Present at SMW

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By Emy Kane
Director, Creative & Key Accounts, LiveOne

The past two years have proven to be a dramatic period of growth in the streaming content landscape. Companies like Netflix and Hulu set the stage for the cultural paradigm shift towards streaming content, instead of downloading content, directly to all devices. This has driven the availability and demand for premium content, creating a favorable ecosystem for live streaming to take off.

But what’s the difference between streaming a TV show on demand and streaming a live musical performance? The difference, and the heart of the live streaming economic model, lies in the experience. Currently, there is a movement away from a consumer economy focused on purchasing material goods and towards one that allocates spending money on experiences. That is why music festivals are selling out before artists are even announced. Consumers are buying into the experience first and product second.

Social media has been one of the main factors shaping this experientially driven culture. The ability to create global communities across varied platforms has dramatically altered the way in which we consume all forms of content, from football to fashion. With “Instafamous” photographers and highly followed Twitter users becoming thought leaders in their respective communities, live reviews and additional visual information from invenue consumers instantly shapes the online viewer experience. This has made social media a necessary, not supplementary, part of the live experience. David Bowie reflected on the increasing relevance of communities as they relate to live music experiences in his 2000 interview with Jerry Paxman. Bowie even predicted that the internet would foster an environment where “the interplay between the user and the provider will be so in sympatico it’s going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about.”

So how do artists, content creators, and marketers all take advantage of live streaming to benefit their brand, bank account, and communities? That’s exactly what Jimmy Chamberlin, founding member of the Smashing Pumpkins and current CEO of LiveOne, aims to improve upon. To learn more, and have the opportunity to ask Jimmy questions in person, register to attend LiveOne’s From Screams to Streams: How Live Streaming Can Create the Digital Music Venue and have the chance to discuss the effects of digital consumption and the potential of live streaming to the music industry.


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