3 Tools to Pump Up Your Brand’s Social Personality

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By Brit Thompson (@britmorse)
Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social

Having a strong social media strategy and crafting campaigns that resonate with your audience is important for any business. But the power of social media lies in personal connections and one-on-one conversations. Since most brands are still failing to even acknowledge customers on social, the opportunity to engage with your audience – and your competitor’s – is ripe for the picking.

A regular text reply to a customer is great (it’s more than most businesses are doing!), but adding imagery to your responses can amp up your brand’s personality and create a stronger connection with the customer. And who doesn’t want that?

If you’re not sure where to start, here are three (free) tools to help spice up your social presence:


Giphy allows you to easily search for GIFs by keywords or emotions. Simply enter the reaction you’re going for in the search box at the top of the site. And if you save the image to your desktop, you can then upload the GIF directly to a tweet so it appears in-line instead of as a link.

Brand to watch: GrubHub frequently uses GIFs in replies to their audience (and bonus points – they reply even when the customer hasn’t tagged their brand in the original tweet. Social listening FTW!).

Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/TFrx0oHuXluak


Create your own YouTube channel to upload video replies to customers or search for music videos to include in responses. For example, reciprocate a fan’s love by “just tweeting to say you loved them and how much you care” with this Stevie Wonder classic.

Brand to watch: Warby Parker regularly creates YouTube videos on their WarbyParkerHelp channel to respond to customers – anything from clarifying their sales process to wishing a customer a happy birthday.


(Source: http://phhhoto.com/i/6BXxlE8nzd5)

Phhhoto is an iOS and Android app that lets you create short, instant moving pictures, similar to GIFs. You can then save the file to your desktop to upload to a tweet or send the image along as a link.

What tools would you add to this list?

This list is certainly not comprehensive, but hopefully it gets the wheels turning on how you could add more personality to your brand’s interactions with customers. Are there any businesses that are doing an exceptional job engaging with their community online?

Let me know in the comments below!


Senior Manager, Marketing and New Business Development, Zocalo Group


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