Visual Storytelling And Using Photos, Colors in Your Marketing Strategy

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By Maggie Gallagher
SMW Student Reporter

Sarah Eva Monroe highlighted the importance of having a strategy for using images in her Masterclass Visual Storytelling for Social Media. Decide who you’re trying to appeal to: men, women or families. Pick images that convey your message and let the consumer use their imagination to decide how they can relate to the image.

Here are a few tips Sarah gave about the best ways to use images in social and marketing campaigns.

When choosing photos, think beyond basic stock photos.

  • Reuse old content
  • Take your own photos

iphone photos follow similar rules to traditional photography.

  • Stabilize
  • Perspective
  • Contrast
  • Diagonals
  • Rule of thirds
  • Natural light
  • Don’t forget a phones shutter delay!

Colors convey emotions. Lead with your brand but allow color schemes to tell a story.

  • Optimism
  • Friendly
  • Excitement
  • Creative
  • Trust
  • Peaceful
  • Balance

Featured tips from Sarah’s chosen case studies:

  • Barkbox: Be aware of mobile users. How will something appear on a small screen?
  • Volkswagen: Hop on the hashtag wagon. #TBT vintage images stand out.
  • Ivivva: Use photos of products on real customers.

Bonus: Lessons learned from Sarah’s time working for Obama’s digital team. Images of Michelle win over Barack every time.

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