How Crystal Light Used The Oscars To Promote A Totally Unrelated Product

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By Maggie Gallagher
SMW Student Reporter

Advertisers from Crystal Light’s campaign #tinywin joked that they have not been culturally relevant sine sponsoring the National Aerobic Championship hosted by Alan (not Robin) Thicke in 1987. Adriane Lepore, Nick Cavet and Kimberly Baird discussed how a brand from the era of video-killed-the-radio-star moved their campaign off of television and onto social media during the Social Media Week session, A Real-Time Campaign in the Right Direction.

Crystal Light knows their target consumer is interested in health, fitness and celebrities. With that in mind, they created a social media campaign that aligned with those interests, running in real time with the Grammys, Golden Globes and the Oscars.

  • Collaborate
    • Award shows and Crystal Light do not naturally go hand-in-hand, so they aligned themselves with US magazine, People and Hollywood Life to advertise #tinywin in a platform tied to the Golden Globes and Oscars.
  • Plan
    • Long term planning and preparation went in before the live event.
    • Use of Filte a media publishing tool
      • Ads made for before, during and after the shows
      • Ability to make changes on the fly
    • Leave room to be flexible.
  • Test, Learn, Improve, and Repeat
    • The Golden Globes were used as a dry run, and changes where made to improve the campaign for the Oscars.
    • Plan for commercial breaks when there is a spike in social media activity.
    • Between the Golden Globes and the Oscars there was a 1900% increase in social engagement.

Through collaboration, planning and leaning from mistakes Crystal Light’s hashtag #tinywin was used 1,750 times throughout the Oscars.

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