Tips From Buzzfeed On How To Be More ‘Buzzfeedy’

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By Maggie Gallagher
SMW Student Reporter

While procrastinating writing this post I found myself on Buzzfeed. With constantly updated, niche content it’s no surprise they have 150 million views per month. Andy Wiedlin, Chief Revenue Officer for BuzzFeed, wants Internet advertising to be more like, well, the Internet! He discussed what makes content sharable at his Social Media Week session, Creating Content for How it’s Consumed.

  • Promoted vs. Banner Advertisements
    • BuzzFeed does not use banner ads. They collaborate with brands to make content together.
  • Create Content that Spreads on its Own
  • Remember Mobile Users
    • 50% of Buzzfeed’s traffic and shares come from mobile.
  • Know What is Not Sharable
    • Embarrassment isn’t sharable. People Google ‘Kate Upton nude photo leaks’ but they will not share it
    • ‘Clickbate’ will not spread. People will not trick their friends.
  • Don’t Force It

Take the time to know who your customer is and tell their story. Niche content gets more shares than something trying to appeal to a large audience. The Internet is not television. The more someone can specifically relate to content, the more shares will follow.


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