5 Ways To Get Involved at SMW Chicago

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Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology's impact on business, society, and culture.

The next global edition of Social Media Week returns this November 16-20 in Chicago, along with Mumbai and Santiago.

With fall already here, and November quickly approaching, make sure you and your business is aware of the various opportunities to get involved with SMW Chicago. Whether you’d like to host an event, apply to speak, or become a sponsor, there are several different ways to join us at the Merchandise Mart for a week of sessions, masterclasses, demos, networking, and more.

Social Media Week September 2015
Social Media Week September 2015


Below are five of the best ways to get involved. And if you have other ideas for participating this November, or partnering with Please reach out to us with your own ideas, but the five best ways to join us include:

  1. Submitting an event idea: Check out our 2015 global theme, “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of the Connected Class”, and submit your event ideas to join us in September and become a part of the Social Media Week conference nearest you.
  2. Applying to speak: If you are interested in speaking, or know an interested speaker, apply here! We’ll try and find an event that will work best for you, and we also encourage you to propose new event ideas too.
  3. Becoming an official sponsor: Join one of the world’s leading conferences for brands and agencies to reach a targeted audience of thousands of hyper-connected professionals. Sponsoring SMW, locally or across the globe, will help your organization increase brand awareness, be positioned as a thought leader, launch new products and more.
  4. Becoming a SMW reporter: Interested in contributing to Social Media Week? We are expanding with or conference coverage and original articles and news. Let us know how you would like to contribute and join our team!
  5. Telling your friends and spreading the word!: Share your excitement with friends, colleagues, followers, partners, and everyone you know! We’re more and more excited as September approaches, and for daily updates on SMW news and information, follow us on Twitter, and “Like” us on Facebook.

The excitement is building in not only the four September cities, but across the SMW globe. Whether you follow along the conversation online, or register your pass to attend in-person, we hope you can play a role in September’s edition of Social Media Week coming up soon.

If you’re planning to attend, but haven’t gotten your pass, the Early Bird Discount ends Friday, October 30th. Get your pass.

Tyler Becker

Director of Content, Social Media Week


Tyler is the Director of Content at Crowdcentric and Social Media Week. He writes about digital media, entertainment, emerging tech, Internet silly-billies, mobile apps, and more. Oh, and he likes craft beer, travel, and podcasts.

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