Businesses And Brands Are Using More Events And Experience Marketing To Connect With Clients

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At SMW Chicago there are a number of ways to get involved and create more value for your business.

Marketing is no longer B2B or B2C. Today’s marketing landscape is undeniably H2H. Human to Human. In every situation there is a human being sitting behind a purchase decision. That’s why in this world of fast moving technology there is an even greater value in having a future customer or client interact with you and your brand face-to-face.

“…[because] our lives have become more and more linked to a screen, live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance with human contact and shared experiences…”
– The Drum by event marketer, Danae Abadom

In this year’s Pearlfinders Global Index report, the data showed that brands planned to increase their use of experiential and events channels in 2015 by 40%.

This growing trend for brands, agencies and all businesses is why attending, hosting or sponsoring SMW Chicago will be one of your most beneficial marketing efforts of 2015. You get out of SMW Chicago what you put into it.

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Shannon Chirone

Director of Marketing, Crowdcentric Media

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