Why “Foodstagramming” is Here to Stay

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It’s not uncommon to see everyone around you at a restaurant snapping a picture of his or her food before digging in. It has become part of our culture to upload unique dishes on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or another social media platform to show off a delicious meal.

This developing trend involves showcasing extraordinary meals, desserts and artistic culinary creations on social media. With pizza being dubbed the “most Instagrammed food in the world,” according to communications company Klaus Davi, it doesn’t seem like the trend of using social media to highlight meals is slowing down anytime soon.

So who is engaging in “foodstagramming?”

It comes as no surprise that the generation most in touch with social media is extremely active in this trend: Millennials. It’s more than just sharing pictures of food; the creation of food blogs, food forums and food apps has strengthened the relationship between social media and food.

The marriage of the two has served as a way for consumers to learn about cuisine, while also providing an avenue for brand advertising. Additionally, consumers spend more time reading about food online rather than through print media. Therefore, sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon are gaining more popularity and continuing to grow as the trend’s popularity increases.

Where does this leave us?

Food-obsessed consumers might be turning their loyalty to certain brands due to the rising presence of food-related content on social networks. This gives brands the opportunity to take advantage and better leverage their products. The food scene portrayed in social media has become an embedded part of our culture, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

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Written by Danielle Pullano, student at the University of Illinois.

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