Ask the Advisory Board – What Apps Do You Use to Stay Organized And Productive?

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Not too long ago, the best ways to stay productive and organized were by writing to-do lists, maintaining filing cabinets and covering your desk in Post-it notes. With technology ever-changing and becoming an integral part of our personal and professional lives, it makes sense to use apps to help us stay on task. We’re already using a few, like Google Drive and Dropbox, but there are many others out there just waiting to be put to use.

Members of the Social Media Week Chicago advisory board let us in on their favorite productivity apps that help them stay on top of their game.

While some companies have dedicated project managers, many employees have to balance project management on top of their regular workloads. Sprout Social relies on Trello, a collaborative idea board where “every aspect of a project is recorded in one place, along with a checklist, deadline and the ability to tag team members as you move along the process,” said Andrew Caravella, vice president of marketing at Sprout Social. Other favorites were Evernote, a workspace that lets you prioritize tasks, organize notes and save important online articles; and Slack, the app that keeps all of your conversations in one place to cut down on chain emails.

For traditionally non-digital companies, social media management can be an overwhelming task. Andy Sternberg from Rotary International and Christine Mallari from Chicago Public Schools are both fans of Hootsuite, the social relationship platform that synthesizes social media analytics, browsing and posting. Members of our board also reported that Flipboard helps them stay on top of trends.

With many small, but important tasks building up throughout the day, memory management can be the most challenging task of all. LastPass remembers your passwords and keeps them in one “vault” so you don’t have to dig through your desk drawer every time you are trying to find one. Tracy Schmidt at Socially Authentic uses LastPass to keep the flow of her day simple and organized.

These apps can help us all be more organized and productive at work. Learn about other useful apps and platforms at Social Media Week Chicago – get your pass today!

Jordan Troy

Junior Account Executive, JTPR

Jordan joined Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications (JT) after completing an eight-month internship at the firm. She has experience conducting strategic research and grassroots outreach, assisting in event planning and management, and providing media relations for clients. She contributes to work on a variety of clients including After School Matters, the Chicago Innovation Exchange at the University of Chicago, Midtown Educational Foundation, One Million Degrees and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

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