Social Media Tools In The Classroom: A Case Study

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“Make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and ‘like’ my Facebook page!” You might hear this phrase from a classmate or friend, but how often do you hear it from your professor?

In my Principles of Marketing course, Dr. Mark Wolters is an advocate of using social media to benefit his students’ learning experience. Not only does Dr. Wolters have his own website, but he also encourages students to subscribe to his YouTube account, follow him on Twitter and “like” his Facebook page. All of these social media accounts aid in the learning experience with summary videos, class discussions and even live exam review sessions.

Dr. Wolters has adapted to teaching a generation that has grown up with all of these social media platforms, by designing a course that enhances students’ experience by using tools they are familiar with. “Many students would rather tweet a question to a professor than go into their office hours to discuss it. It’s much quicker this way and way more accessible to students,” remarked Madisen Warning, a junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, who has used social media in her classes before.

Although Dr. Wolters encourages his students to attend lectures, many find it useful to learn from his YouTube videos. These condensed videos highlight the key points of the lecture, and the videos are available when students may be studying during late hours of the night and a professor is not available to answer questions.

After completing my first exam in this class, I definitely realized the benefit of using social media to learn the course material. In addition to lecture, I used the resources available via social media such as being able to watch the YouTube videos repeatedly. It helped to further enhance my knowledge on the subject matter, and I had a successful study experience.

Overall, my experience in the Principles of Marketing course this semester has been immensely successful and enjoyable. Dr. Wolters has utilized social media as the ultimate “learning tool” in his course. I believe it is only a matter of time before most courses integrate social media into their curricula.

Written by Danielle Pullano, student at the University of Illinois.

Jordan Troy

Junior Account Executive, JTPR

Jordan joined Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications (JT) after completing an eight-month internship at the firm. She has experience conducting strategic research and grassroots outreach, assisting in event planning and management, and providing media relations for clients. She contributes to work on a variety of clients including After School Matters, the Chicago Innovation Exchange at the University of Chicago, Midtown Educational Foundation, One Million Degrees and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

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