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The current landscape for digital marketers and content creators is certainly different than it was a decade ago, or five years ago, and even one year ago. On Facebook, there are roughly 600 comments posted, 300,000 status updates, and 200,000 photos uploaded every 60 seconds. Now try to imagine the amount of content after figuring in Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and everything in between.

It seems almost miraculous for someone to interact with your content for any amount of time. However, there are certain steps content marketers and digital professionals can take in order to stand out, and at Social Media Week Chicago, we’re bringing some of the industry’s top content professionals to share their knowledge, expertise, passion, and experiences with attendees.

1. 1871’s Howard Tullman Presents Top Tech Trends for 2016

(Hosted by 1871)
Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, will give a rapid-fire review of major technology trends that are radically changing the ground rules and the new ways in which businesses will be reaching and engaging its customers in the near future.

2. Tips and Tools for Becoming a World-Class Content Marketer

(Hosted by socialdeviant)
In this session, we’ll explore the emerging drivers of audience engagement. We’ll share examples from all over the world, and detail the characteristics of creative success across emerging platforms and content types. You’ll hear from Marc Landsberg, Founder and CEO of socialdeviant, on how to create and implement a winning framework for content impact.

3. The Social Measurement Framework: Brand Awareness, Customer Care and Conversions

(Hosted by Socialbakers)
This keynote will walk attendees through best practices for increasing brand awareness, customer care and driving online conversions. Socialbakers will cover the best social measurement frameworks, provide best-in-class case studies and cover general industry trends during this talk. Bob Gearing, Director of Strategic Accounts of North America at Socialbakers, will lead this session.

SMW London
SMW London


4. How to Hit Your Content Marketing Out of the Park

(Hosted by LinkedIn)
In this presentation, Sean Callahan, Senior Manager Content Marketing at LinkedIn, will show how content marketing is a competitive sport. To achieve grand slam content marketing ROI, you need a great team, and you must be able to scale that content across all channels. Using examples from LinkedIn’s content ecosystem, Callahan will show how to create resonant and relevant content that provides top-tier ROI.

5. Brands as University: The Next Chapter in Content

(Hosted by The Big Know)
Brands are quickly turning toward teaching to tell stories, reach new audiences, and deliver genuinely valuable experiences. The explosion of informal education via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), peer-to-peer learning platforms, and even crowd-based learning models have opened the door for brands to connect with consumers in a whole new way. Join Don Smithmier, CEO of The Big Know, and Mark Addicks for this session fusing content and education.

6. How To Make Old Stories New Again

(Hosted by The New Republic)
The lifespan of content on the web feels shorter today than ever before. You publish an article, and within an hour, it’s carried away into oblivion by your audience’s constantly moving social feeds, replaced by thousands of other stories from around the globe. But that’s not how it has to be. In this workshop, you’ll learn from Mikaela Lefrak, Associate Editor of The New Republic, on how to work with your archives to reach new audiences, boost your content output, and create meaningful connections between past and present.

Social Media Week Chicago kicks off on Monday, November 16th. There is still time to purchase your pass before the current price level increases on the night of Friday, October 30th.

Tyler Becker

Director of Content, Social Media Week


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