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If you work in digital media, chances are you stress over things such as data, analytics, metrics, KPIs, insights, and sentiment for your brand and content. Each of these terms have become more important year after year, and the current ecosystem of social media monitoring and analytics is incredibly impressive.

At Social Media Week Chicago, there will be numerous sessions, masterclasses, and exhibitions focused on social analytics, and exploring how these incredible tools and technologies can help us make smarter business decisions by analyzing our audience, content, and the ways in which the two interact with each other. Here are some top events you should bookmark focusing on social data and analytics.

1. The Future of Social Data: Social Intelligence

(Hosted by Sysomos)
It’s simply not enough to just listen anymore. While many businesses understand that social media is important to their marketing, customer care or community engagement efforts, we still struggle to capture and analyze all the rich information and insights available to us. Amber Naslund, SVP of Marketing at Sysomos, will walk you through the social listening and data landscape, and how to ignite the power of social intelligence across your business.

2. The Rise of Social Data: Planning Winning Engagement Strategies

(Hosted by Spredfast)
In today’s social world, brands and agencies are empowered to Tweet, share, and comment on any topic, at any moment, but the fact that they can doesn’t automatically translate to a successful interaction with fans and followers. Hear from Jason Miller, Fleishman Hillard’s VP of Emerging Media, and Chris Kerns, Spredfast’s VP of Research and Insights, as they show you how social data can help take the guesswork out of your planning and engagement efforts.

SMW London
SMW London


3. The Social Measurement Framework: Brand Awareness, Customer Care and Conversions

(Hosted by Socialbakers)
This keynote will walk attendees through best practices for increasing brand awareness, customer care and driving online conversions. Socialbakers will cover the best social measurement frameworks, provide best-in-class case studies and cover general industry trends during this talk. Bob Gearing, Director of Strategic Accounts of North America at Socialbakers, will lead this session.

4. Social Best Practices from Top Brands in 2015

(Hosted by Shareablee)
Since the start of 2015, U.S. brands have seen a 40% growth in social engagement compared to the same time period in 2014, and a total of 57 billion social actions. In this presentation, you’ll takeaway three key learnings: 1) Data-driven best practices for each industry; 2) The types of content that perform best for your industry; and 3) How to drive true customer loyalty.

5. Avoid Social Chimpery: Use Social ROI to Build Quality Campaigns and Stop Flinging Crap!

(Hosted by Synthesio)
Chimpery: n. 1. The act of mistaking motion for progress. 2. diffuse, undifferentiated activity without a clear goal 3. Flinging one’s shit and shrieking at the top of one’s lungs in lieu of actually solving a problem. Matthew Zito (VP of Product at Synthesio), will explain how to discover and use true Social ROI metrics and data, and provide actionable tips on how you can improve your campaigns and learn what is (and isn’t) working.

SMW London
SMW London


6. Using Social Intelligence Across Your Entire Business

(Hosted by Digimind)
Your number one goal should be listening to customers in order to make better decisions and build a stronger brand. This masterclass features three social intelligence leaders that will provide you with the necessary tools on how to listen to your audience, and build a comprehensive strategy for your team.

7. A World Beyond Ad Blockers: Using Relevance to Take Control of Social Marketing

(Hosted by Brand Networks)
Ad blockers don’t signal the end of digital advertising. They’re just sending marketers a message: be relevant, be social, or be ignored. In this deep-dive presentation, Wayne St. Amand (VP of Global Marketing, Brand Networks) will walk you through the power of social relevance, how it helps make ad blockers irrelevant, and the steps you must take to have effective, efficient, hyper-targeted paid and organic interactions with your prospects.

Social Media Week Chicago takes place this November 16-20. You can purchase your pass to gain access to 100+ events, 130+ speakers, and 1,000+ industry professionals coming together for an incredible week of learning and networking.

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Director of Content, Social Media Week


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