Attendee Spotlight: Heidi Massey, Chief Connector & Community Builder at CommunityConnective, Shares Her Top Picks For #SMWChicago

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To help you discover the best of Social Media Week Chicago, we asked some of our VIP attendees to share their top picks for events, talks and masterclasses taking place throughout the week. Below, Heidi Massey, Chief Connector & Community Builder at CommunityConnective, gives us a look at the events she’s most excited for:

1. Social Influencers for the Social Good
“Nonprofits have a hard time breaking through the noise to get their messages heard. I’m excited to learn how nonprofits can better attract and work with social influencers. And I love that the panel is 3 women and 2 people of color.”

2.  Masterclass: Is Your Nonprofit Ready? Social Media in a Crisis
“I am excited for this session because I have been creating digital strategies for nonprofits and a crisis communications plan is a key component of those strategies. And it is also something I know the least about when it comes to crafting digital strategies. So I am eager to increase my knowledge base on the topic.”

3. Masterclass: The Ethics of Open Data
“Open data people are my people. I love what people in Chicago have done to bring us into a national leadership position on providing access to city data and utilizing that data for social good. This session is focusing specifically on politicians, which is particularly compelling with upcoming elections.”

4. Digital Activism & Advocacy: Finding the “Soul” in Your Message
“The speaker will be discussing a social media movement on domestic abuse that had a profound impact on the conversation. The issue is compelling to me as is this particular story. I love the idea of finding the “soul.” My brain is churning away already, just from the title!”

5. Masterclass: #SocialGood — Online Engagement for Offline Mobilization
“This session is the absolute crux of why most of us in the nonprofit sector utilize social media…to inspire people to take action to help the cause. So I am excited to learn from folks who have effectively made it happen.”

About Heidi Massey
Heidi Massey is a community builder and tech evangelist, sometimes for nonprofits–always for good. She is a passionate connector, and uses her skills to help nonprofits and businesses connect to the people, ideas, and technology they need. Whether it is through digital advertising like AdWords or Facebook ads, teaching or facilitating trainings on a variety of topics, or providing technology assessments, Heidi is always focused on building meaningful connections for others.

She is an ardent believer in access to information, resources, and opportunities for people in diverse communities, particularly those who are low income and/or people of color. To that end, Heidi has created resources and gathering spaces for communities to obtain that access, including ChicagoCOUNTS, a technology conference aimed at small nonprofits.

Why are you most excited to attend SMW Chicago?
As an independent freelancer, it can be difficult to find good learning opportunities, especially ones that combine my work with businesses and nonprofits. SMW Chicago has such a broad range of offerings, that I will be able to hone my general skills as well as develop new understandings about working with nonprofit and social good organizations. And I am particularly looking forward to hearing from some truly visionary people in the nonprofit/activism space.

Social Media Week Chicago kicks off on Monday, November 16th. There is still time to purchase your pass and gain access to a week of 200+ speakers, 100+ events, and 1,000+ leaders under one roof.

Tyler Becker

Director of Content, Social Media Week


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