10 Tips for Making Your #SMWChicago Event Submission Stand Out

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#SMWChicago will bring together some of the industry’s leading companies at the intersection of entertainment, media, marketing and technology, and we want you to join us.

You and your organization can gain recognition as a thought-leader in the industry by hosting an event at Social Media Week Chicago 2016!

#SMWChicago will bring together some of the industry’s leading companies at the intersection of entertainment, media, marketing and technology, and we want you to join us.

Why become an event partner?

  • Engage in the conversations relevant to your cause or industry
  • Gain recognition as a thought-leader in your field or industry
  • Amplify your message using the Social Media Week platform
  • Attract brands and networks of relevant hyper-social influencers
  • Develop valuable relationships with new partners and existing clients

Here are 10 tips we recommend to all prospective event hosts when submitting, and when you’re done reading this, scroll back here and access our “Become an Event Partner” page.

1. Explain your event’s purpose and topics of conversation

The best way for us to understand your event is through the description on the form. Allow this to be the way you envision attendees learning more about your event, understanding which topics will be discussed, and why it’s an important session for them to attend.

2. Connect your event with our 2016 global theme

This year, our global theme is “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good),” which explores how a new framework consisting of mobile technology, networked connectivity, data and machine learning are changing how we connect, consume and communicate. Learn more here, and see how your event can connect to our 2016 theme.

3. If you know your speakers, make sure to add them!

If you already know the individual(s) speaking for your event, make sure to add them to the event description. Or, if you know the organizations that will be involved, you can add those as well. The more info we have, the better, and this is especially true for your speakers.

4. Include key takeaways that attendees will learn by attending

Sometimes it’s best to be short and sweet, and if you’re able to identify 3-5 key takeaways that your event will provide attendees, it allows us to determine if your idea is a strong fit for SMW. Be as specific as possible with what attendees will walk away with, such as a new skill, method, or understanding within media, marketing, or technology. Remember, be specific!

5. Use an event title that is clear and informative

Choose a title that catches the spirit of the event and touches on specific subjects and industry themes. For example, it’s much better to use something unique and specific like “Cracking the Facebook Code: How to Conquer the World’s Biggest Social Network” (this is ?) rather than something bland and vague such as “Facebook Marketing: Social Media Best Practices” (this is ?).

6. Read our “Event Partner Guide” for a better understanding of SMW

Our Event Partner Guide helps you learn more about Social Media Week around the glove, and the best ways to become an event partner. It includes speaker quotes, relevant stats and figures, and more information on what it means to join our global community.

7. Tell us (briefly) about you and your organization

It’s helpful for us to have more information on who you are, what your organization does, and why you want to be a part of Social Media Week. Just a little bit of context can go a long way. Help us, help you!

8. View our 2016 schedule pages for inspiration

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we want your event to look and feel just like our flagship Social Media Week events combined with your own experience, flavor, and expertise. We encourage you to browse through the schedule of events from Social Media Week NYC and Social Media Week LA of this year to get a feel for the titles, topics, and types we’re looking for!

9. Watch our trailer video for a glimpse of SMW

Below is our trailer video for Social Media Week. We suggest you watch it (don’t worry, it’s short) to better understand what we’re all about, and how you can make SMW better by hosting an event.

10. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

No problem if you still have questions, or are unsure of something. We’re happy to help answer your questions, so please email us at chicago@socialmediaweek.org if that sounds like you. It’s much better to email us before the deadline (Friday, June 17) so that we know you’re interested in joining us. Emailing us after puts your submission into our waitlist.

If you haven’t heard, the official #SMWChicago program will take place at Venue One. The theater holds up to 400 people, which means no long lines or sessions at capacity. In addition, we’ll have co-working lounges where you can meet with colleagues or clients, connect to WiFi to get your normal work done, and space to relax as you enjoy the incredible sessions throughout the week.

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