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This year at #SMWChicago, one of the major industry topics is video. From virtual reality and Facebook Live, to vertical video and the science of viral content, we’ll hear from industry experts on what you need to know for the future of video in business, society, and culture. Below are 10 events taking place exploring the always-changing video content and advertising ecosystem.

1. Video Advertising In Today’s Feed-Based Mobile Social Platforms (Hosted by Facebook)

This session will feature by G. Andrew Meyer (Creative Lead at Facebook and Instagram). Andrew has led creative from the main agency of record for many major brands including Altoids, Samsung, Corona, and Cadillac. He’ll discuss the best ways brands are creating and optimizing video content for mobile News Feeds on Facebook and the social web.

2. We’re In A Vertical Video Era. Now What? (Hosted by Adaptly)

The way people and brands communicate has changed, with visuals, specifically video, becoming a primary means to deliver messages versus text. Learn how agencies and brands should incorporate vertical video in their marketing mix, and the challenges around constantly evolving video formats.

3. Emerson Spartz On The Science Of Viral Content (Hosted by DOSE)

At age 12, Dose CEO, Emerson Spartz, dropped out of middle school to homeschool himself and create Mugglenet, the #1 Harry Potter site. Focused on a building a “virality machine”, he went on to create a number of the internet’s largest websites. Emerson will take the #SMWChicago stage to explain some mistakes you’re mistaking on social (and how to easily fix them), as well as the ingredients for shareable content that breaks through the clutter.

4. Virtual Reality Newbies (Hosted by Ketchum)

This panel will bring people to the stage just minutes after their first time wearing a virtual reality headset. We’ll capture their immediate thoughts and hear from them just moments after experiencing this video format to get a better understanding of VR in a consumer context.

5. Pics These Days: How Snapchat Is Redefining Traditional Media (Hosted by Havas Chicago)

Snapchat changed media and technology forever by upending the hierarchy of text over image. What we think of as “the future” is actually a return to a beautifully primitive idea. From her unique point of view as both influencer and agency-side strategist, Anna Russett will discuss how her Gen-Z followers actually use Snapchat and what brands need to know before they enter this ancient, future world.

6. How Data Informs Creative Teams In The Facebook Video Era (Hosted by LittleThings)

Data should always inform creativity when building content for social, and original video production is no exception. LittleThings is one of the most successful publishers on Facebook, and their Editor-in-Chief, Maia McCann, will explore how content creators can identify and overcome new hurdles within the world’s biggest social network. She’ll also explain how marketers and media professionals should incorporate user data and analytics into the video creation, social, and editorial processes.

7. The Power of Storytelling: How NatGeo Dominates A Fragmented Media Landscape (Hosted by National Geographic)

National Geographic is known around the globe for its leadership in visually compelling factual and entertaining storytelling. In this session they will share insights and learnings on how a 128 year-old brand has become one of the most successful social media publishers in a fragmented media landscape. Leading this session will be Claudia Malley (Chief Marketing Brand Officer, National Geographic) and Aaron Huey (Photographer, National Geographic).

8. Content And Storytelling With Impact: The Art Of Creating Video Content That Is Substantive And Engaging (Hosted by ATTN:)

ATTN: believes in informing people to make a social impact. Through compelling, issue-driven content, we strive to engender greater participation in communities, the political process and the world around us. Matthew Segal (Co-Founder, ATTN:) will share how content creators can turn complex, serious issues into authentic, digestible content with a singular message. He’ll also discuss how to create loyalty and trust on certain issues by leaning into a point of view to result in higher engagement and shareability.

9. Objective Based Marketing: Using Creative Sequencing To Move The Consumer From Awareness To Sale (Hosted by mllnnl)

mllnnl is an invite-only millennial marketing agency helping global brands engage modern consumers through integrated content, product, and distribution. David Yarus (Founder, mllnnl) and Kyle Dardashti (Co-Founder, Managing Director of Media, mllnnl) returns to Social Media Week for an intimate talk on “engagement retargeting” to drive consumers through a lifecycle stage in your marketing funnel, and why your marketing efforts need to be more contextual.

10. Stories At Scale: Deploying UGC In Brand Storytelling (Hosted by Storyful)

Join Storyful’s Executive Director of Sales, Jennifer Butte, as she discusses the rules of the road for discovering and deploying user-generated content (UGC) in brand storytelling. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how to navigate the challenges of real-time social publishing, and how to structure agency to brand teams to succeed in this dynamic environment.

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