7 Events Exploring Data Marketing, Analytics, and Social Listening at #SMWChicago

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At #SMWCHICAGO, learn from industry leading experts in the fields of data science, performance marketing, and social analytics. We have sessions that will cover navigating Facebook’s bidding algorithms, failures when being over-reliant on quantitative data and why understanding the importance of putting humanity into the numbers will help drive success.

Here are 7 events exploring data marketing, analytics, and social listening at Social Media Week Chicago.

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1. Navigating the Nuances of Facebook’s Bidding Algorithms

Facebook is one of the most powerful social advertising tools available today, and yet many digital advertisers don’t understand its automated capabilities or employ its components to their full extent. During this session, Molly McCarty, 3Q Digital social advertising expert, will dive into the intended purpose of each Facebook bid type and how audience characteristics and conversion goals should be used to find the optimum bidding strategy. She will also share insights into the data and spend limits required to make the most out of Facebook’s bidding and how the algorithms make use of other factors, such as positive engagement, in bidding auctions.

2. Advanced Paid Social: Why Video Views Are The New Page Likes And Why It Matters

Organic reach is dead and page likes are antiquated. But data shows how valuable likes and content marketing were in driving conversion. The importance of this isn’t lost; it’s evolved. In this session, Kyle Dardashti (Co-Founder and Managing Director of mllnnl) will run through case studies and the numbers behind their buys to gain rich insight for how you should be planning and buying Facebook media.

3. Numbers Don’t Lie, Right?

These days, there is no shortage of marketers looking for “data-driven” insights that lead to informed creative ideas. The use of data helps reduce risk in our communication efforts and often times optimizes the effectiveness of the media we allocate to support said efforts. In this session, Marcus Collins (SVP of Social Engagement, Doner Advertising) will explore a calibrated look at data and how it might better serve the marketing function by analyzing a case study in motion.

4. What Quant Can’t Do: A Numbers Story

As a Creative Consultancy, Bandwidth Marketing Group creates robust, clever concepts, that blossom, via touch points, to best address consumer context and encourage engagement. In other words — we live each day at the nexus of Qual and Quant. In this session, Rob Albertson (Managing Director, Bandwidth Marketing Group) will discuss recognizing aspects of quant crunching that fall prey to human, subjective influence, the role of qualitative factors in solutions, and how ‘test sets’ should incorporate ideas outside the norms.

5. Exploring Digital Owned Media and its Synergy with Paid Media

The Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern, working with Publicis Media, recently published new research revealing some fascinating insights into the impact of brands deploying owned brand platforms–that is, brand strategies that span their own websites, both on desktop and mobile, and brand social sites across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. In this session, Prof. Martin Block, the project’s principal investigator and integrated marketing communications professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School, will summarize key findings and what they mean for marketers as they weigh their marketing in an increasingly digital and mobile world.

6. Earned Impact: An Audience-First Approach to Creating Impactful Programs

Earned Impact takes an “audience-first” approach that not only earns attention in today’s communications environment but cultivates audiences who want to consume, interact with and share the content and experiences brands create for them. In this workshop, David Armano (Global Strategy Director, Edelman Digital) will discuss how data-driven insights and analytics to optimize the distribution of these stories and reach the right audiences–repeatedly and predictively–leading to increased attention, action and measurable impact.

7. Paid Media for the Socially Awkward: Planning, Producing and Executing with Confidence

The world of paid social media has opened up a whole new world of creative and targeting opportunities for brands. Custom lists, local buys, national filters, and more, provide limitless potential for what we can achieve. But it’s not always clear on how to best use these paid tools to our benefit. In this workshop, Linda Johnson (President of SOCIALDEVIANT) will help you transform from socially awkward to socially confident in your paid media decisions, focusing on merging strategy with the right creative approach.

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