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At this year’s event, we will explore Influencer marketing and how the multi-billion dollar industry shows no signs of slowing down. Here are six can’t-miss events exploring influencer marketing at Social Media Week Chicago.

Working with Social Influencers in Today’s Communication Landscape (Hosted by Edelman Chicago)

Join Edelman’s Crystal Duncan to talk through the easiest and most effective way to build out your Influencer Marketing strategy and how to help build your brand with support from these online personalities. Learn about today’s Influencer Marketing landscape and how Influencer Marketing supports other traditional advertising, marketing, and PR efforts.

The State of Influencer Marketing (Hosted by Julius Works)

In this session, Bryn Sanders (VP Sales & Customer Success) and Gloria Stitt (VP of Marketing) of Julius Works will explore the importance of finding your authentic voice, and the potential ROI of Influencer Marketing. They will also look into factors that are important when deciding on which influencer you want to work with and the advantages of the different types of influencer. Learn the importance of authenticity when selecting an influencer and what a successful influencer marketing campaign looks like.

Why Brands Must Ditch Influencer “Dating” and Build a Long-Term Native Content Network (Hosted by CreatorIQ)

For brands looking to thrive in an influencer dominated industry, it is imperative that marketers evolve their social influencer programs from a transactional approach, characterized by one-off paid sponsorships, to true advocacy programs that solidify long-term branded relationships with content creators. In this session, Jonathan Kroopf (Head of Growth, CreatorIQ) will talk about what is driving the evolution of social influencer programs today and how to avoid the common mistakes brand marketers often find in influencer programs.

A Performance Approach to Influencer Marketing (Hosted by Performics & Kohl’s)

In this session, Andrea Port (Senior Manager, Social at Kohl’s) and Ryan Sullivan (EVP Performance Services, Performics) will discuss exactly how to leverage influencers for performance outcomes, illustrated by examples from Kohl’s. Learn how to build an end-to-end influencer program that harnesses the power of influencers to drive commerce, online and offline and develop methods for measuring the success of influencer programs in delivering bottom-line business results.

Rise of the Gig Economy: The Social Media Influencer (Hosted by TapInfluence)

In her talk, Francesca Cruz (VP of Customer Success and Partnerships, TapInfluence) will explore the current state of influencer marketing and how it has become a multibillion-dollar industry. From ad fraud and fake influencers to the rise of the gig economy, learn what influencer marketing can deliver as a marketing channel for brands. Audiences will learn how influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels for customer acquisition and the best practices to working with influencers creatively and authentically.

The Influencer Economy: Find a Perfect Match for Your Organization (Hosted by Influential)

There are over 2.5 Billion daily active users across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. As consumers increasingly spend more time on social media platforms, the value of influencers and the marketing and technology platforms that run campaigns for them, are ever more critical for marketers to understand and utilize. In this session, Ryan Detert (CEO, Influential) will discuss the influencer marketing landscape, best practices, and emerging technologies, like AI, that are revolutionizing the space.

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