The Golden Age of On-Demand Audio

2:50 PM - 3:15 PM

Hosted by Gimlet Media

Venue SIX10: Stage One 610 S Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60605

The Golden Age of On-Demand Audio is upon us. Podcasting is re-emerging as one of the preeminent storytelling and communication mediums. A third of 25-54 year-olds are listening to podcasts every month, and that number has grown 63% in last two years. Not only is listenership up in podcasting, but so is revenue. The industry is a quarter-billion dollar a year industry and is growing 85% in revenue year over year.

And with this rise, big brands are now eyeing podcasting, knowing the power the medium holds for brand campaigns. Dating app Tinder and veteran tech company eBay are two prime examples. Both partnered with Gimlet Creative – the branded content department of Gimlet Media, a company founded by veterans of This American Life and NPR, and named by Fast Company as one of the world’s 10 most innovative media companies. Gimlet Creative, which Adweek named as the hottest in native advertising in 2017, is telling the stories of some of the world’s largest brands:

Both eBay’s Open for Business podcast and Tinder’s DTR (Define the Relationship) broke barriers on what branded storytelling could be, and it paid off: both podcasts climbed into the Top 15 of iTunes podcast charts almost immediately. Gimlet Creative has also recently worked with Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, Gatorade and more on branded podcast campaigns.

In this talk you will hear from the Creative Director of Gimlet Media + head of Gimlet Creative Nazanin Rafsanjani, as she outlines:

  • Effective, smart and engaging advertising strategies for brands through audio
  • How eBay, Tinder, Gatorade and more managed to tell authentic, yet subtly branded stories
  • How to leverage podcasting as a way to highlight a company’s leadership in their respective marketplaces

Venue & Location

Venue SIX10: Stage One

610 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Social Media Week

2:50 PM - 3:15 PM

The Golden Age of On-Demand Audio


  • Nazanin Rafsanjani


    Nazanin Rafsanjani

    Creative Director

    Gimlet Creative