What Quant Can't Do: A Numbers Story

4:20 PM - 4:45 PM

Hosted by Bandwidth Marketing Group

Venue SIX10: Stage Two 610 S Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60605

As a Creative Consultancy, Bandwidth Marketing Group creates robust, clever concepts, that blossom, via touch points, to best address consumer context and encourage engagement. In other words — we live each day at the nexus of Qual and Quant.

Chosen tactics and context can be aided or driven by data. But the insight, concept and engagement can be unpredictable or often looked at through a warping, quantitative lens.

Our digital age relies heavily on data, and this session will highlight events in which that myopia has had a negative result. We’ll also poke around notions to not only watch out for that ‘bias’ toward quant, but also uncover and understand ways in which we can look for the qual in our messaging and approaches. Data can be powerful. But a story sticks. And BOTH are more open to interpretation than one might think.

In his witty way, Rob Albertson, Managing Director at Bandwidth Marketing Group will discuss:

  • Some major recent failures based on an over-reliance on quantitative data
  • Recognizing aspects of quant crunching that fall prey to human, subjective influence
  • The role of qualitative factors in solutions, and how ‘test sets’ should incorporate ideas outside the norms

Venue & Location

Venue SIX10: Stage Two

610 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Social Media Week

4:20 PM - 4:45 PM

What Quant Can't Do: A Numbers Story

Hosted by Bandwidth Marketing Group

  • Rob Albertson


    Rob Albertson

    Managing Director

    Bandwidth Marketing Group