Peter Rahal

CEO & Co-Founder, RXBAR

As CEO and co-founder of RXBAR, Peter Rahal (31) is responsible for aligning the company’s progressive vision, culture and strategy to build the nation’s fastest growing U.S. nutrition bar brand.

Peter has a keen sense of consumer needs and trends in the marketplace that stems from his background in food and his innate curiosity around culture. In 2013 Peter and his co-founder Jared Smith, saw an opportunity to create a clean protein bar. From humble beginnings and no outside funding, Peter and Jared went door-to-door building the business that today is a thriving company. With national distribution and partners such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Amazon, Peter and Jared serve millions of customers.

Prior to RXBAR, Peter possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a well-rounded background that helped prepare him for the many facets of being a CEO. His experience in sales, marketing, food, transportation and supply chain at his family business (Rahal Foods), Mondi Foods, TQL and Transportation One provided a strong foundation. A graduate of Wittenberg University in Ohio, Peter holds degrees in Political Science & Economics.

Peter sets the tone for the 75+ employees at RXBAR by bringing to life the principles on which he and Jared founded the company. He never takes his mind off what is best for the customer and lives by the mantra, “We don’t cut corners, we add corners.”

Peter truly is immersed in the entire business and no undertaking is too large or small for him; on any given day, you’ll find Peter talking to customers, shaping the brand, setting the long-term strategy, innovating new products and even taking out the trash. His enthusiasm, drive to always do better, and passion are infectious for his customers, vendors and employees alike.

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