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Technology is making the traditional nation-state obsolescent. Everything we need is now provided by global cloud platforms; from music, movies and books to accommodation and transport to work and relationships. In this new emerging world, what is home? What are relationships? What is work? What’s the new role, if any, of the 350-year old ossified nation-state?

Per Håkansson has spent the past decade exploring the changing definition of home, relationships and work in a globalized technology-driven world by living a nomadic life, powered by his network, his iPhone, and his two passports. Listen to him tell the story of what he have learned about the future of everything.

Per Håkansson is a former Silicon Valley executive, TEDx speaker and innovator who regularly is giving talks and workshops at world-renowned universities and global corporation about the future of everything in a borderless world.

Per Håkansson

Founder, Makerminds, Inc.

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