The Invisible Hand & Its Visible Effects In The Workplace

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Even though we may not be able to see the “Invisible Hand,” there have been very visible effects on the workplace in terms of how we interact with technology, our clients, and our coworkers. Over the course of two years, TPG Architecture has studied the use of technology within the workplace and the effects thereof to understand the needs of the ever-changing workforce. There have been major shifts in technology needs and expectations across all industries, and across all demographics. As a result, this has changed how employees think, behave, interact and work, as well as how we design for the workplace today.

This presentation will:
– discuss data collected from a variety of different industries
– explore the effects of technology within the workplace, and how it is altering employee behaviors
– dive deeper into the technological challenges and expectations of today’s workforce
– discuss considerations when designing workspace for the digital era
– present design solutions for the workplace that empowers today’s employees


Director - Strategy & Innovation, TPG Architecture


Rachel Starobinsky, is a strategist that focuses on the intersection of business and design. As a cross-trainer of different disciplines, and a multi-faceted problem solver, she is able to drive innovation across a variety of industries. As the Director of TPG Architecture's Strategy & Innovation Studio, she empowers clients to leverage their real estate assets via bespoke workplace strategies. In addition, she serves as a Professor within Pratt Institute's Design Management Program in NYC, where they cultivate the strategic thinkers of the future.

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