How Social Has Rocked the Live Music Experience

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iPhone vs. Lighter – which belongs at the encore?

You’ve all seen someone recording an entire show on their phone instead of watching it. Sure, the video looks great and yes, they get some Likes, but is it worth the distraction? Isn’t it better to just be “in the moment?” Or, is there a chance the moment is only important because it’s been captured? Did the band win you over if they didn’t make your playlist?

Social media has an overarching role in almost every experience millennials have – but does it improve the live concert experience, before, during or after the show? Sometimes life tells us “No” (like the example above) but the funny thing is that the research – giving a voice to those fans – says “Yes.”

According to a recent study, 70% of millennials feel that social media improves the live music experience; 32% feel that it greatly improves the experience. The majority of millennials will take part in sharing music moments on social media while being at a live event. In fact, most Facebook users prefer their newsfeed to show their friends at live events and experiences over anything else. When does social belong in the music experience – before, during and after the show – and when does it not? When do brands belong in the social exchange? What content is really being watched and appreciated? How can and should the artists themselves take part – and in what channels and communities?

  • Forbes’s Hugh McIntyre moderates a panel discussion between
    • Glenn Minerley, VP Group Account Director, Music and Entertainment Momentum Worldwide
    • Scott Carlis, Vice President, Digital, Social Media & Marketing, AEG Global Partnerships
    • Camille Hackney, EVP Brand Partnerships/Commercial Licensing, Atlantic Records
    • Jennifer Betka, CMO, StubHub
    • Maureen Traynor, Global Director of Branded Experiences, Spotify

…on what parts of social are actually making music experiences better, and debate when social and brands belong and when it doesn’t.
After the panel, the moderator and panelists will engage in Q&A with the audience.

Graham Nolan

VP, Marketing Communications, NA, Momentum Worldwide

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