We Built This City: The State of Civic Technology, with Code For America and IDEO

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As Tim O’Reilly noted, government, at its core, is about doing together what we can’t do alone.

In the past few years, New York City has positioned itself as a premier city for technology startups and technocratic government policy. In 2012, with 1 in 5 new jobs in America were created in NY State, New York led the nation in new job creation. At the same time, NYC further cemented its roots in innovation through a first-in-the-nation open data legislation and further expanding entrepreneurial opportunity for all.

2013 is a critical time for innovation and having businesses involved. This conversation will layout the landscape of opportunity and engagement, including these issues:

  • How in 2013, citizens will change the course of history — this year’s election and the next administration.
  • How 2012 was a turning point for bottom-up and top-down collaboration (a la Super Storm Sandy).
  • How NYC is using collective action to innovate and solve challenges (BigApps, Open Data Poli Hack, and Reinvent Payphones).
  • How tech and social entrepreneurs will cement the dual opportunity of economic opportunity for all New Yorkers and build a better democracy.

Code For America and IDEO will present their perspectives and initiative for how citizens and businesses can innovate government, followed by interaction amongst a panel of experts:


NYC Program Manager, Code For America


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