When The Lights Went Out: Transmedia Documentary about Hurricane Sandy (Screening from 12-1 and WEEK LONG EVENT)

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An mobile based interactive documentary by Red on Black Productions telling the true stories of the people who experienced Sandy and how New York and the rest of the country joined forces to clean up the mess.

As participants walk through the streets of New York between Social Media Week venues and into the venues themselves, they’ll hear stories from the people who experienced them as well as videos, photos and written accounts.

How do you take part?

**Download the Moveable Feast app to listen to “When the Lights Went Out” which captures some of the many stories of those affected by Hurricane Sandy (available from Tuesday, February 19, 2013)*

**Visit the Social Media Week Global HQ from Tuesday – Thursday to watch the short documentary of When the Lights Went Out between planned social media week sessions.

**Leave your comments on our story wall by the coffee station in Global HQ.

**Send us a video or pictures of your experience with Sandy to the hashtag #LightsOutDoc and we’ll add them to our growing documentary.

**Head over to the Soho Gallery of Digital Art from Monday, February 18-Friday, February 22, 2013, where you’ll see a collection of mobile images from Hurricane Sandy and the days and months afterward. This exhibit has been curated in conjunction with Sandy Storyline, an web based documentary project. We’ll be at the SGDA launch on Monday, February 18, so please come and say hi!

Most of all, show those that were affected by Sandy that you still care and give your time (or a bit of your lunch money) to those organisations still helping in hard hit areas.

These include:

Waves for Water
The Red Hook Initiative
Respond and Rebuild
Staten Island Unity
Boots on the Ground 
American Red Cross 
City Harvest 
Points of Light 

All venues and outdoors through the Moveable Feast mobile app

Note: You must download the app before you click on the link for the story. At this time, the app only works on iOS devices as it’s still in Beta.

More information on Red on Black Productions:
Red on Black Productions is a UK/US based production company which integrates online platforms & communities with filmmaking. Their short doc, Wild West Dream, the story of the only UK cowboy, premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2009. Most recently, their short film, Sounds of Us, was featured as part of the critically acclaimed Museum of Broken Relationships and is now on permanent exhibition in Zagreb.

Shift Control Delete, a feature documentary questioning how a loss of the Internet and social networking will affect society, is currently in post-production. In 2012 they launched of their New York based online cooking show, Home Baked Stories, and are working toward their second season of the sci-fi web series, Raptured, for release in 2013.

More information on Sandy Storyline:
Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary collecting and sharing stories about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on our neighborhoods, our communities and our lives. By engaging people in sharing their own experiences and visions, Sandy Storyline is building a community-generated narrative of the storm and its aftermath that seeks to build a more just and sustainable future.

The project features audio, video, photography and text stories–contributed by residents and citizen journalists–that are shared through an immersive web documentary and interactive exhibitions.

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating event that affected millions; it is also the beginning of a sweeping, multi-year rebuilding process. This is a moment so big that it requires a new kind of documentary storytelling: a project that is accessible, interactive, and designed to foster community empowerment and civic dialogue. Sandy Storyline provides residents with the tools to tell the real story of what’s happening in their communities, while also communicating their vision for the future.

Participate by visiting SandyStoryline.com or by calling (888) 803-9856 or texting storyline@vojo.co

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