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Clarissa Silva, MSW


She is a Behavioral Scientist and Clinician with 15 years of experience in mental health, behavioral science, and public health. She is the author of a very tongue-in-check relationship wellness blog, “YOU’RE JUST A DUMBASS”, to help people select and maintain healthy relationships and avoid some of the difficult life lessons that one encounters in suboptimal relationships.  On, she shares techniques that she developed to help clients with creating relationship wellness in their lives.

She is also the creator of She is developing this concept to offer people a unique approach to dating. What makes Play Ideal Date different is a mixed method matching system based on personalized attention and online dating! It is designed to be a modernized version of the “Dating Game” and appeared as an Official Google Hangout on Air during Social Media Week 2013 and was featured in Google Local NY’s September 2013 Newsletter.

She holds an MSW from the University of Michigan and a BA from Hunter College. She has been featured on FOX, NBC, HuffPostLive, and Vista magazine.

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CEO, Play Ideal Date

I’m a researcher, scientist and clinician with 15 years of experience in mental health, behavioral science, and public health. I have created a questionnaire and algorithm that will guide the matching system and the show. All participants will complete a questionnaire, then I will select candidates that I will include as the featured guest, then I work with the featured guest to determine the key variables of the algorithm that will be used to guide the game on the dating show! Once the featured guest and I have determined the key priority areas that completes their algorithm, I use that to screen for potential candidates to be included in the show. Together we will use your key priority areas to develop the questions we will ask the potential candidates on the show! It is a modernized version of the Dating Game! Who is eligible you ask? Men & women, 25-55, who are single and have a completed Google+ profile page. The best part of this method are that the Guest Feature will be able to determine some levels of compatibility, chemistry and likeability before committing to a date. After the show is conducted and the couple is matched, I request a simple follow-up to know how the date went.

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