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Troy Sandidge is an extreme workaholic. He has coined the phrase, “I’m just another login from Chicago”. He is a millennial with a Gen X mind who is simply driven to make a difference in the world while being selfless as possible not seeking fame or gain but to make a decent living and impact others. He has been blessed to do many things at an early age. Was running a video studio at a church by the age of 14. He has worked with various local companies, agencies, government affiliates, and up-and-coming music artists & entrepreneurs. He has assisted in running social media campaigns for mayors and local government affiliates. He has worked with Representative Pete Visclosky (IN), Senator Greg Taylor (IN), George Fleetwood — AT&T President (IN), Regional Development Authority (RDA) in IN, Urban League of NWI, State Farm, Social Media Development Group (SMDG), Vickey Bailey — President at Anderson Stratton Enterprises, Caroline Mays — Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissioner
Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson — Mayor of Gary, IN, Paula R. Jackson — National President / CEO of A.A.B.E., State of Indiana, State of Illinois, and United Way just to name a few.

Troy is originally from Northwest Indiana and has been residing in Schaumburg, IL since 2014. He is currently the Marketing Executive for Eastek International, a Global Contract Manufacturer, in which he created and is pushing the initiative “Making Products That Matter”. He is also the CMO for VMC, a consulting and career coaching business by Valerie Martinelli. On top of that he volunteers as a video technician and consultant for his local church (which he has been doing since he was 15) and started his own initiate called Brand Darts in combination with freelancers and other business colleagues who just want to help local and big brands in various campaigns, business, social media, digital media, content, graphics, etc. in hopes to help build clientele up, especially local businesses, giving them the tools they need to succeed (many times done on a pro-bono basis).

Troy has a BA in Digital Media & Communications and a Minor in Engineering, Degrees in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, and Web Business Development & Marketing. Troy brings twelve years of experience in video production, video editing, videography, audio engineering, organizational management, as well as 5 to 8 years’ experience in various categories such as: web design, social media campaigns, B2B and B2C marketing and communications, PR functions, inbound marketing, SEO and SEM, and working with establishing digital brands from Senators, Congressmen, other government affiliates, Music Artists, Non-Profit Organizations, Big Corporations, International, and Small Businesses. He has been blessed to have so many experiences in a very diverse list of fields at a young age (but don’t let my age fool you, in his opinion, age doesn’t define skill sets or natural ability). Proficient in creating brand awareness content/advertising using MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite Software. International media, PR, and correspondence experience (i.e. China, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Nigeria). Ability to work in a cross-functional team environment with strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills. He has engaged with an audience that has had a reach as high as 350 Million Impressions on Social Media (Twitter) among various discussions (typically through Twitter Chats).

Troy believes in being forever a student. He believes anyone with the right story under the right platform among the right audience can compel people to achieve great things. Everyone has their start from somewhere and everyone starts off being “average joes” with aspirations to go above and beyond their environment and situations to cause positive change in this world.

Troy Sandidge’s philosophy is: “#IMAGINATION is the ENGINE, #CONTENT is the FUEL, #SOCIALMEDIA is the HIGHWAY, #MARKETING is the ROADMAP, #SALES is the DESTINATION“.


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