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The second largest city in Germany and the seventh largest city in the European Union. The media center of Germany. And the 13th city to take part in Social Media Week February. Today, we are proud to announce the addition of Hamburg to our line-up of cities for the new year.

Partnering with hi-life, the addition of Hamburg will add a vibrant German city to our European roster. And now’s your opportunity to get to know a little bit more about them. From the hi-life team, meet Uriz von Oertzen, Sabine Ewald and Nina Bertulli, as Nina shares a bit more about Social Media Week Hamburg:
1. Please tell us a bit about hi-life and why hi-life decided to join Social Media Week.
hi-life is an event agency owned and driven by Uriz von Oertzen since 1990, and based in Hamburg and Berlin! We are a full-service event marketing agency including strategic consulting, creative development, organisation and realization within one network. Together with strategic partners, we also provide classic PR. Our key competences are in the music-, media-, IT- and fashion industry. The music award Echo, LEA Life Entertainment Award, and the GEMA Award are some of the events we are realizing.

Nina is a freelancer based in Hamburg, working in the music business since the last 8 years. She visited SMW in London in 2011 and brought the idea of realizing Social Media Week in our City together with hi-life back from my trip. Social Media Week Hamburg offers to us the possibility to connect our networks and experience new trends!
2. What are the three most exciting things happening in social and mobile media in Hamburg?
Gamification, Augumented reality, and Intranet are getting more important in social business. the idea of sharing in contrast to owning is getting more and more attractive to many of us. This is one of the key themes we’d like to explore.
3. What makes Hamburg a great city for Social Media Week?
Hamburg is “the gate to the world.” Companies like Facebook, Google, Xing are represented in our city. Tech companies and venture capitalists are giving an environment which attracts more and more exciting start-ups.

4. What three things are you hoping to gain from hosting Social Media Week?
To learn a lot
To show a modern and cosmopolitan Hamburg to the world
Gaining new contacts, clients and ideas
5. Can you give us a sneak peek at the vision you have for Social Media Week Hamburg?
We want to bring people together- decisions makers, creatives, companies- with the people from Hamburg. We want to build an event people are talking about, continuing after the 5 days. We want to bring new ideas to Hamburg and to the world : )and last but not least we simply want to be warm and attentive hosts to all our guests at the events in Hamburg and online.
Keep up with Hamburg on their local blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


Project Manager, hi-life


SABINE EWALD works with hi-life planning and realizing music and culture events and did PR work for a public visitor’s centre in Hamburg. For the fifth time Sabine will be Director of Social Media Week Hamburg in 2016, the social media conference hosted by hi-life. Being enthusiastically involved in cultural life and urban development both in private and in her job, she has been rooted in Hamburg for nine years now. After her media, film and culture studies in Germany and GB she worked in the press department of a classical music festival and city marketing.

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