Partner Spotlight: True Story – A scripted Journey towards Relevance Marketing

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We promise you one thing, it’s not going to be just another boring trend report.

Marketing has always been about communicating a message. A message resonating with a certain, predefined audience. Advertising in a straightforward and understandable format. Nowadays we might sarcastically call this “traditional marketing”.


Then the so-called traditional marketing evolved into “content marketing”, and if you were with us over the course of the last few years, there’s a good chance that we’ve worked on and created a targeted content strategy together.

But content marketing has reached a crossroad. Technologies serving the industry are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Content marketing, digital publishing, and social media are converging. The digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented and changes in consumer mind-sets are having an impact on the way we find, consume, and share content.

With growing technological possibilities, the marketing landscape has changed continually. We’re sure that you are already quite aware of advertising that uses the latest technological advancements, such as geo-fencing or near field communication (NFC), push notifications, and other mobile technologies, to name but a few.

The question here is whether you have had the courage to add it to your marketing mix?

If your answer is no, call us immediately. We need to talk!

Consumers today use multiple channels to stay informed and interact with your brand. They’re on social media, mobile devices, and websites, finding out about your products, services, and offers, and talking about your brand with friends and other consumers.

Messages, finely tuned to a targeted audience, have been and remain the key to effective marketing and reaching those consumers. The more you can offer a personalized experience to the exact target audience across all your digital marketing campaigns, the more likely they will convert to customers and drive revenue.

So make your messages count. Start being relevant to your audience(s).

In digital marketing, relevance means understanding a consumer’s behavior across all digital channels and being able to use that intelligence to take action in real time, of course, by offering the most relevant and personalized experience to consumers.

Relevance = Understanding!


For you as a marketer, the challenge is to have a complete view of your target customers across all of your channels. Simply put, you need to find out who you’re trying to sell to and how to appeal to that specific person.

It’s your job to solve that problem. But without deep audience insights delivering the most meaningful message or product offering to each target segment, this job is going to be difficult if not impossible.

But don’t worry! We are here to guide you on the way.

Visit us on February 23rd when we present our view on „Relevance Marketing“ and officially open this years Social Media Week Hamburg in the Ratsherrn Diele / Schanzenhöfe:

Marketing macht mobil. Vom Reichweiten-Marketing zum Relevanz-Marketing.


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Project Manager, hi-life


SABINE EWALD works with hi-life planning and realizing music and culture events and did PR work for a public visitor’s centre in Hamburg. For the fifth time Sabine will be Director of Social Media Week Hamburg in 2016, the social media conference hosted by hi-life. Being enthusiastically involved in cultural life and urban development both in private and in her job, she has been rooted in Hamburg for nine years now. After her media, film and culture studies in Germany and GB she worked in the press department of a classical music festival and city marketing.

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