Beirat SMWHH 2016

Social Media Week

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Die Social Media Week Hamburg hat vom ersten Jahr an ausgesuchte Social- und Digital-Köpfe im “Advisory Board“, dem SMWHH Beirat, an ihrer Seite. Jeder von ihnen hat ein Spezialgebiet, in dem er sich beruflich sowie privat bewegt und uns in diesem Themenbereich berät.

Unsere Beiratsmitglieder unterstützen uns bei den Vorbereitungen der Social Media Week Hamburg an verschiedenen Stellen und hosten während der Woche Sessions in ihrem Spezialgebiet und aus ihrem Netzwerk. Wir möchten Euch heute den SMWHH Beirat 2016 vorstellen:

From the first year on Social Media Week Hamburg invites leading social and digital thinkers and influencers in its Advisory Board. In their fields of expertise they advise the SMWHH team and host sessions during the week. We are proud to present the official SMWHH Advisory Board 2016:


Christiane Brandes-Visbeck:Christiane Brandes-Visbeck_Quadrat_klein

Christiane Brandes-Visbeck, M.A., is a journalist and communications consultant. Her field of expertise is in digital leadership, strategic communications, and modern human resources. She has previously been engaged as an Executive Producer in Youth Television, Online-Editor-in-Chief, Director of Content Business Development at Bertelsmann AG, and Director of Corporate Communications and Human Resources in the banking sector, experimenting with contemporary communication, new ways of working and leadership styles. Christiane owns the Hamburg based consulting agency ‘Ahoi Consulting‘ and lectures on communication strategy and leadership skills at a number of renowned institutions. In her free time Christiane heads the Hamburg section of the digital business network ‘Digital Media Women‘.

Christiane Brandes-Visbeck ist ganz neu dabei und wir begrüßen Sie ganz herzlich im Beiratsteam!


ChristineEnterleinChristine Enterlein:

After graduating in German philology and educational science Christine Enterlein started her career in Human Resources and Operations. She worked 14 years at Deutsche Bank, lastly as HR director for German internet banking pioneer BANK24. In 2011 Christine joined software and consulting company AKRA GmbH as Key Account and Resource Manager. She loves her challenging work in IT, always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and encountering open-minded geeks.

A self-confessed “music, film & art nerd” Christine lives and breathes social media and loves her hometown Hamburg. Social Film Marketing is one of her passions. For many years she has been actively involved in the Hamburg film scene, supporting independent filmmakers.

Christine Enterlein ist bereits zum vierten Mal bei der Social Media Week dabei, im Beirat engagiert sie sich seit drei Jahren.


Andrea Frahm:Andrea_Frahm_400x400_profilbild

Andrea Frahm has over ten years of proven marketing, PR and leadership experience working across the creative and digital industries. Andrea worked as Marketing Director at Universal Music Germany as well as in Universal’s International headquarters in London, where she was responsible for global campaign rollouts, such as Rihanna, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey.
After a successful spell at a leading UK Digital Communications agency, Andrea launched her own boutique consultant firm in 2011. Unlike major PR agencies, Andrea Frahm offers bespoke international communication and coaching packages that are tailor-made for each brand and entrepreneurs seeking to do business in the D/A/CH markets, utilising her extensive experience in raising companies’ and artists’ profiles, her extended International network of creative partners as well as her wealth of in-market experience working on the ground in the UK, Germany and Israel.

Andrea Frahm ist 2016 bereits das vierte Jahr für den Beirat aktiv.


Martin Fuchs:Portrait-HAMBURGER-WAHLBEOBACHTER_groß1

Martin Fuchs advises, speaks and blogs. He advises public institutions and policies in digital communication ( Previously, he worked for several years as a policy and strategy consultant in Berlin and Brussels. Since 2008 he is a lecturer in Public Affairs at the University of Passau and lecturer in Social Media and Politics at other universities.
He is also founder of, a platform for Social Media benchmarking and Social Media analysis in the non-commercial sector and he blogs about Social Media in politics at

Martin Fuchs ist seit 2015 Mitglied im Beirat. Wir freuen uns, auch 2016 auf seine Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen!



PeterKabelPeter Kabel:

Prof. Peter Kabel, born July 29th 1962 in Stuttgart, Germany, Founder of several successful companies in the area of media, technology and design – among others: „Büro Hamburg GmbH“ (1991), „Trendbüro Hamburg GmbH“ (1993), „Kabel New Media AG“ (1993) and „Tone Consultants GmbH“ (2001).
From 2004 to 2007 he acted as member of the board of „Jung von Matt AG“, one of the most influencial advertising agencies of the German speaking countries.
Since 2007 portfolio management of Lakshmi GmbH – a private equity and vc-firm based in Hamburg. Founding partner of  a Hamburg based investment and consulting firm with focus on India’s fast developing digital ecosystem.
Peter Kabel teaches as full professor at „Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg“ and received many mentions for innovation and creativity – inter alia he was decorated as „Entrepreneur of the Year 2001“, an international award founded by Ernst&Young and Deutsche Börse AG.

Peter Kabel ist von Anfang an dabei und unterstützt uns 2016 im Beirat bereits zum fünften Mal!


Diana Knodel:DianaKnodel

Dr. Diana Knodel has a background in computer science, psychology and educational research. After graduating from university she co-founded CyberMentor, an e-mentoring program for girls and women in STEM. She worked as an project manager and team lead in in the IT industry and was a product manager at XING.

Besides that she is actively involved in the startup scene in Hamburg. She is an ambassador for the Hamburg Geekettes, a community of women dedicated to helping aspiring and established female tech innovators. As the founder of App Camps Diana shares her passion for coding with others, always trying to get more students interested in tech. In 2014 Edition F and D64 named her one of the 25 leading women for the digital future.

Diana Knodel engagiert sich seit 2014 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf ihre Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.


Agnieszka Krzeminska:AgnieszkaKreminska_400x400_Profilbild

Economist and philosopher Agnieszka Krzeminska is focused on the technological developments in the internet and their social impact. From 1996 on she developed the Siemens Automotive Intranet and worked thereafter for big internet agencies. 2010 she has established Social Media Führerschein as own business and as high-class-product for Awareness, Training and Strategy in the field of Social Media. Her customers include, among others, Deutsche Bundesbank, Mediengruppe M. DuMont Schauberg, Goethe-Institut and MOPO. Since 2014 she also does research on the social web in the field of cultural anthropology at the at the Leuphana University and acts as a lecturer at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) Hamburg in the field of digital media competence.

Agnieszka Krzeminska ist bereits von Anfang an dabei und unterstützt uns 2016 im Beirat bereits zum fünften Mal!


Nico Lumma:NicoLumma

Nico Lumma (born 1972) studied political science and modern history in Göttingen and Berkeley.
After university, amongst other things he developed the concept for, one of the first weblog portals in Germany. Recent positions include the role as Director of Social Media at Scholz & Friends and COO at Digital Pioneers. Lumma currently works as a freelance author and consultant.
Nico Lumma was resident expert for the Enquete Commission’s “Verantwortung in der medialen Welt” (Responsibility in the media world) at Rhineland-Palatinate’s state parliament in 2009/2010 and in 2007 he was named as one of Germany’s top 20 Web 2.0 pioneers in the magazine Tomorrow.
In 2011 he co-founded the think tank D64 – Center for digital progress.
You can find his blog at Lummaland.

Nico Lumma engagiert sich seit 2014 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf seine Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.


Carolin Neumann:

As a freelance author and innovation scout, Carolin Neumann is both writing about digital media and actively shaping the future of journalism. With her initiative Jouvenir she helps journalists to become entrepreneurs. She’s an entrepreneur herself, having founded the business network Digital Media Women in 2010 and most recently finletter, a curated newsletter for fintech professionals.

Carolin Neumann engagiert sich seit 2013 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf Ihre Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.




Torsten Panzer:TorstenPanzer_400x400

Torsten Panzer is chairman of the board of PR Club Hamburg and currently acting as a communication consultant, trainer and speaker specialised in PR, Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media.

Recently he was Director Social Media at the renowned advertising agency thjnk and managing partner as well as spokesman of the Social Media Akademie, focused on social media and online marketing training. After his studies of History, Philosophy and Economics he started his career as a trainee in a PR agency; followed up by joining the internet agency denkwerk in cologne as head of PR and marketing. In addition to this role he was responsible for the marketing communication of several spin off start-ups and for the founding of a division dealing with online relations as a new type of online PR communication during the times of the new economy.
The serial entrepreneur started up several types of communication agencies like ad publica PR and a German subsidiary of Buzzer, an international Word of Mouth Marketing agency situated in Amsterdam.

Torsten Panzer engagiert sich seit 2014 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf seine Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.

Patrick Sánchez del Solar:Kopie von patrick_solar

Patrick Sánchez del Solar works as PR manager for Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, a municipal institution supporting Hamburg’s creative industries. Patrick is in charge of all online activities of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft which offers free consulting services, network events and operates the regional crowdfunding-platform Nordstarter.
Additionally Kreativ Gesellschaft organizes the annual conference ”Work In Progress” which reflects the current debates about the future of work.
Before working for Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, Patrick graduated in Political Science in Berlin and worked as PR manager for members of the German parliament.

Patrick Sánchez engagiert sich seit 2015 im Beirat im Auftrag der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, die bereits von Anfang an dabei ist. 



Sanja Stankovic:Sanja-Stancovic-rieka-05-Arbeitskopie-4-2-2

The emphases of her professional activity is put on the fields of public relations, digital strategy and on mobile applications. She managed the division for digital strategy, PR and social media at Nordpol+ PR Division Hamburg.
Before, she established the international social media-department for NAVIGON AG and worked as a social media manager at segmenta pr for national and international clients. Since 2013 she has been the strategic adviser and curator for the Reeperbahn Festival Conference.
As founder of the Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch she is working on the setup and expansion of the format and therefore she founded Hamburg Startups with the goal to enhance the visibility of Hamburg’s startup scene as well as to improve networking among it’s players.
She is also the Co-Founder of the network Digital Media Women, where she contributes the goal of making women more visible in the digital industries.

Sanja Stankovic engagiert sich seit 2013 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf Ihre Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.


Teichmann-Svenja_400x400Svenja Teichmann:

Since 2007 Svenja Teichmann is a corporate consultant and coach who is also working as a speaker and host at several conferences. Her main focuses are all found in the digital world – especially online marketing and social media are some of her most beloved topics. As founder and director of the crowdmedia company she counsels other ventures and offers training sessions to those who work in the segments of B2C or B2B, whenever there’s an unresolved matter concerning subjects like digital strategies with focus based on online marketing, social media and content marketing. If a company wants to develop a reconditioned strategy or a concept, or wants to conduct a professional measurement of results; Svenja Teichmann and crowdmedia support their clients just like a sparring partner.

Svenja Teichmann engagiert sich seit 2014 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf ihre Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.


Anastasia Umrik:AnastasiaUmrik_400x400_Profilbild

Anastasia Umrik is blogger ( and founder of the designlabel inkluWAS. The label is a fashionable way to pledge for diversity: “You are against discrimination, too! Make a statement – wear diversity!”.  The fact that she is sitting, thinking, laughing and working in a wheelchair is irrelavant, except for the question of barrier-free accessibility.

Anastasia Umrik ist ganz neu dabei und wir begrüßen Sie ganz herzlich im Beiratsteam! 






Jens Unrau:

Hamburg@work Fotosession - Hamburg 07.07.2010 Credit: Nicola Ruebenberg /www.ruebenberg.deWithin the State Chancellery Jens Unrau is the contact person for the media- and IT-Companies in Hamburg.
Among other things he is responsible for the initiative nextMedia.Hamburg which gives the city a powerful network that supports the companies in Hamburg’s digital and content industry in their development and continually promotes networking and connectivity within the industry.
Furthermore Mr. Unrau is accountable for the project “Gamecity Hamburg”. Hamburg is unique among the leading German media centers in developing the project “Gamecity Hamburg”, an extensive package of measures to promote the gaming industry.

Jens Unrau ist von Anfang an dabei und unterstützt uns 2016 im Beirat bereits zum fünften Mal!



beebop_20110506_6594-web-1-681x1024-2Sven Wiesner:

Sven Wiesner has gained experience in all fields of social media for more than six years now.
In the beginning he worked as freelance consultant for major enterprises and agencies in questions of online communication 2.0. From April 2010 on he ran the social media agency beesocial GmbH together with Pedro Anacker.
He became CEO and partner in January 2011. In July 2013 the beesocial GmbH was bought by beebop ag and Sven Wiesner was announced to be chairman.
As an active web 2.0 user he organises events like Gadgetnight and TwittNite in Hamburg and is an active part of the social media scene.  

Sven Wiesner ist von Anfang an dabei und unterstützt uns 2016 im Beirat bereits zum fünften Mal!




Kirsten Wohlfahrt:KirstenWohlfahrt

Kirsten Wohlfahrt is a Board Member of the Government 2.0 Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., a non profit organization, networking in order to open government and administration (“Open Government”) and promote the idea of a government 2.0. In 2012, she founded the Stammtisch Open Government Hamburg.
Her focus is the cultural change which is required for Open Government. Her background is in communication and media: She studied history and journalism in Münster and Leipzig and worked for several years as an editor in Bonn and Berlin. In 2007 she switched sides and started working in the field of press and public relations at Dataport, Hamburg.
Credo: Open government, government 2.0 and communication 2.0 is about cultural change (from top-down to bottom-up communication or interaction), not only about technology.

Kirsten Wohlfahrt engagiert sich seit 2014 im Beirat, wir freuen uns 2016 erneut auf ihre Unterstützung zählen zu dürfen.





Organizer, hi-life Uriz von Oertzen


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