Social Robotics or how to understand human communication

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Hosted by Handelskammer Hamburg

HKIC (Handelskammer InnovationsCampus Hörsaal) Adolphsplatz 6 Hamburg Hamburg 20457

Robots can be increasingly found in domestic environments and have started to share living spaces with humans. They are simple tools for now, used for hovering or lawn mowing, but over the next years they will be more and more integrated into human environments. In order to enable intuitive and safe usage, they need the ability to recognise and understand human behaviour – especially human communication – to automatically react in ways that are intuitively understood by humans and enable seamless integration in our daily lives. This talk will highlight current research directions in this area, showcase research in the Knowledge Technology institute at University of Hamburg ( and show how robots can recognise and understand human communication, ranging from direct speech to non verbal gestures and emotion expressions.

*Event language is English * Die Veranstaltung ist englischsprachig*

*Important: times and locations are subject to change/ Wichtig: Zeiten und Orte können sich kurzfristig ändern*

Venue & Location

HKIC (Handelskammer InnovationsCampus Hörsaal)

Adolphsplatz 6
Hamburg, Hamburg 20457

Social Robotics or how to understand human communication

Hosted by: Handelskammer Hamburg
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  • Sven Magg

    Sven Magg

    Postdoctoral Teaching Associate / Knowledge Technology Group, Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg