Welcome to the Social Age: Traveljournalism 3.0

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Hosted by Frahm & Partner Consulting

Superbude St. Pauli Juliusstr. 1-7 Hamburg Hamburg 22769

Popular Journalists write their own blog “on the side”, bloggers have become contributors for renowned travel outlets, lifestyle and travel trends are increasingly being identified through blogger discoveries. Is it a whole new game, and if so, who’s making the rules? How do bloggers finance and market themselves? How do travel companies, travel media and pr agencies support them? Do they really change the way journalism used to work and, if so, how?
We invite you to an inspiring discussion with travel and media experts.


Event language is English * Die Veranstaltung ist englischsprachig

Important: times and locations subject to change

Wichtig: Zeiten und Orte können sich kurzfristig ändern

Venue & Location

Superbude St. Pauli

Juliusstr. 1-7
Hamburg, Hamburg 22769


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Welcome to the Social Age: Traveljournalism 3.0

Hosted by: Frahm & Partner Consulting


  • Nuno Alves

    Nuno Alves

    Redaktionsleiter / Travelbook


  • Andrea Frahm

    Andrea Frahm

    Geschäftsführerin / Frahm&Partner PR/Public Affairs, Intercultural Coaching


  • Adam Groffman

    Adam Groffman

    Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger / Travels of Adam


  • Ute Stahl

    Ute Stahl

    Product Manager Social Media / GEO Magazin / G+J Digital Products GmbH