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If you can’t find the answer to any of your questions. you can email us directly at We’re happy to help you manage your account, explain the platform, and help you make the most of your SMW Insider membership!


What is SMW Insider?

SMW Insider is a premium video platform that provides you with the latest trends, insights and best practices from more than 300 leading experts, brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms.

With 100+ hours of streaming video content (and more added every three months), SMW Insider allows you to watch Social Media Week live in real-time and on-demand at your own pace. You can even search and filter the events by keyword, speaker, host organization, or industry topic.

Can I watch sessions from Social Media Week in real-time?

Yes! During each edition of Social Media Week (February, June, September, and November), we livestream the official events from various SMW cities. This allows you to join the conversation and learn from the industry’s finest in real-time.

Account Management

How can I sign up for SMW Insider?

There are two membership levels for SMW Insider: the 3-month subscription ($149) and the annual subscription ($395). You can click here to learn more about each.

Can I purchase a subscription to SMW Insider for a friend or colleague?
Yes! You would just need to sign up for an account using his or her name, email address, and SMW profile. You would have to enter in your own billing info.

Are there group packages for SMW Insider?

If you’re interested in getting a corporate subscription to SMW Insider for your team, please email us directly at and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

What happens to my account when the subscription ends?

If you do not cancel before your subscription period ends, you will be automatically charged for your renewed subscription.

If my company is paying for my subscription, how can I get a receipt?

Once you successfully sign up for SMW Insider, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. Your receipt is included in that email.

How can I upgrade to the annual subscription?

If you’re interested in upgrading from the 3-month subscription to the annual subscription, email us at

How do I cancel my subscription?

Once you’re signed into SMW Insider, click the profile icon in the top right corner, and then select “My Subscription”. Follow the instructions from there to cancel or update your subscription.

How do I delete my SMW profile?

To delete your entire SMW profile, please email us at

Will I be charged during my free trial?

If you do not cancel before your free trial ends, you will be automatically charged for a 3-month subscription ($149).

Are there free trials for SMW Insider?

Currently, we do not them to individuals but if you’re interested in corporate subscription options, please email us at to inquire about team free trials.


How do I search for specific speakers or events in SMW Insider?

Once you login and access the SMW Insider platform, you can search for specific SMW speakers, host organizations, and event titles using the search bar at the top left

Which industry topics are featured in SMW Insider?

The current industry topics you can filter within SMW Insider are: Advertising, Analytics, Creativity, Data, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Facebook, Future, Tech, Influencers, Innovation, Marketing, Media, Millennials, Mobile, Platforms, Publishing, Startups, Video.

Why isn’t a talk available in my language?

Currently, SMW Insider is only available in English. Over the next few months, we’re working on adding subtitles to our videos in a variety of languages. If you have a specific language request, please email us at

How often is content refreshed?

Social Media Week takes place four times per year (February, June, September, and November). This means new videos are added every quarter!

Which organizations participate in Social Media Week?

Social Media Week brings together individuals from the leading brands, agencies, publishers, platforms, startups, and nonprofits from around the world.

Some of the leading brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms that participate in Social Media Week include: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Giphy, LinkedIn, Tumblr, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Forbes, Hearst, The Economist, Mashable, Refinery29, VICE, Vox Media, Bleacher Report, Hootsuite, WeWork, Ogilvy, Deep Focus, VaynerMedia, Big Spaceship, Droga5, Havas, Edelman, NBCUniversal, MTV, Sony Pictures, and Fullscreen.

I love SMW Insider, but how can I experience Social Media Week in-person?

We’re glad you asked! Social Media Week brings together media, marketing, and technology’s most visionary individuals and organizations. SMW takes place four times per year (February, June, September, and November) in cities around the globe, and you can click here to see the full lineup of our upcoming conferences.


Can I watch SMW Insider on my smartphone?

Yes! You can watch SMW Insider on any device that has web browsing.

I can’t find the specific Social Media Week session I’m looking for.

If you can’t find a specific event, we suggest you try searching within SMW Insider for the event title, a speaker from the session, or the host organization.

Currently, SMW Insider only features videos from Social Media Week in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Chicago. If you’re looking for an event from any other SMW cities, it likely is not on SMW Insider yet. We’re adding more Social Media Week cities throughout the year.

Does SMW Insider work on all web browsers and devices?

Yes! We want as many devices and web browsers as possible to be able to access SMW Insider. You can watch SMW Insider videos on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. As long as you can access the internet, you can watch and learn from SMW Insider videos.

I forgot my username or password.

Once you’re signed into SMW Insider, click the profile icon in the top right corner, and then select “My Profile”. This takes you to your SMW profile page, and from there, you can change your password or click “Forgot Password” to reset it.

I registered for SMW Insider, but have not received any confirmation email.

Depending on your email client or inbox categorization, registration and account management emails may get sent to your Promotions, Confirmations, or Spam folders. You should search within your inbox for “SMW Insider” to see if it was sent. If not, email us at

How do I sign into SMW Insider?

You can always sign into SMW Insider through our landing page, You can allow your browser to remember your profile and keep you logged in, or if you ever sign out, this page will ask you to re–sign in to access the SMW Insider platform.