The Lagos Skyline By Way of ‘a whitespace’

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(Image Courtesy of ‘a whitespace’ / Photo Credit: Folarin Shasanya)


When we got word that Social Media Week Lagos was a go, we were so excited to introduce the world to our vibrant city. Big thanks to ‘a whitespace’ for providing the branding image for our website! This beautiful photo of the Lagos skyline showcases the cosmopolitan feel that all major cities have while still showing the soft lull of the marina at dusk.
The good people of ‘a whitespace’ are no stranger to Lagos and innovation. ‘a whitespace’ is a fully-serviced, event/retail space available for short leases in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s a blank slate, providing the opportunity to totally brand a space and create a unique temporary installation. Businesses and individuals can transform a simple white space into their next pop-up gallery, storefront, or whatever your brand desires.


‘a whitespace’ transformed into a clothing line debut party. (photos courtesy of Folarin Shasanya)


The team behind ‘a whitespace’:

Papa Omotayo (left) and Folarin Shasanya (right) of ‘a whitespace’

Papa Omotayo graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture and in 2004, co-founded the practice O+O, in London. In 2010 he co-founded ‘a whitespace’ in Lagos. He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Folarin Shasanya studied Law at the University of Westminster before moving into the media industry. He has worked as a journalist, writer and editor before setting up Kaius Media, a visual arts company. He is also the photographer-in-residence at ‘a whitespace’.

On the role social media plays in their business:

Social media is critical in how our product and brand has developed.  One of the founding principles of our business is promoting and working with innovative creatives and entrepreneurs, from the worlds of product design, fashion, design, art, photography etc.

Social media ties us in to what everyone is doing now and gives us a window to share what we’re doing in our space. Most of our business for the first year was developed through word of mouth and social media. It was important to us to build slowly and feed into the consciousness of the creative Lagosian.

As our space is constantly changing, social media allows us to share the on-going events and changes and gives us real-time feedback on what people liked and what they’re looking forward to.

Visit them at and their blog


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