#TravelWithMe // From Dublin to Lagos For Social Media Week​

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February has been a great month and it’s just about to get even more awesome with Social Media Week. Turned 25 a few days ago but college and funny Irish weather saw me delay celebrations till the weekend. Let’s just say you can never go wrong with having a good time with Germans.

With no sleep in sight I decided to party till late, pack my bags and head for the airport. Yes, I’m coming to Lagos for Social Media Week 2014. It was a fantastic experience in 2013 and couldn’t pass the opportunity to come down thanks to Tech Africa and the organizers for sponsoring the trip.

What’s in the bag

Leaving cold Dublin at 1’C to a warm Lagos alternating between 28’C and 31’C packing wasn’t too much of a problem.

  • 2 pair of Jeans
  • 2 Shirts
  • 1 traditional wear
  • 1 Swim short
  • 1 extra pair of converse shoes
  • Underwear – anything past this will be TMI


In addition to the clothing, a tube of cream, deodorant, toothbrush, and face towel. Not forgetting travel documents and gadgets.

  • 1 Laptop (with charger)
  • 1 iPad mini (with USB cable)
  • 1 USB power pack
  • 1 Nokia Lumia 520 (with charger and earphones)
  • 1 extra USB cable for file transfer and charging

The journey starts 6.00 GMT in Dublin but even though my heart is already in Lagos, I’d still have to stop by Amsterdam for a few hours to arrive the 234 Zone 20.00 GMT+1 (just in case you want to join the welcome party).

Event Picks from Day 1 at SMWLagos

A few hours of sleep and it’s full gear into the Social Media Week event starting from Monday, February 17. My top 5 picks for Day 1 include:

#SMWExperience Conference Kick-off breakfast – a networking event from 8.30am. This is to be followed by Keynote on Innovation by one person I admire a lot in Nigeria’s technology/startup ecosystem – Jason Njoku. Jumia’s event on The Impact of Social Media on E-Commerce should be an interesting one, seeing how online retail is the in-thing in the Sub-Sahara African region. All of these events will take place at Four Point Hotel.

For more fun, catch me at Nokia Nigeria’s event – it promises to be a yummy event with food and photos from the Lumia 1520 and what’s a day without music and dancing, so let’s end the day at Terraculture with TRACE Urban as our host.

Let’s catch up and tweet at me – @NubiKay for selfies.

Nubi Kay

Garden Mechanic, OTEKBITS


Nubi is a self acclaimed social media maven, artistic entrepreneur, and expressive guitarist, and perhaps all of these are evident in his ventures: OTEKBITS – an online blog that focus on the local tech ecosystem; Lazy Appetite – an online takeaway site that connects users to various restaurants; and Wild Ripples – a new media outlet. You can follow him: Twitter Facebook Blog

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