#SMWLAGOS 2017 Event Submissions Now Open!

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Technology’s impact on Africa over the last few years has been immeasurable. Communities are being transformed and industries are being revolutionized. Technology connects us as well as the machines we use (i.e. devices, systems, networks) across cities, countries and continents. Perhaps technologies biggest impact on Africa is how it’s radically changed how we communicate. The ease at which we can connect, collaborate and do business with our contemporaries anywhere across the continent and around the world has created endless opportunities.


Informed by Social Media Week’s Global theme for 2017, “Language and The Machine,” locally the SMW Lagos theme, “The [new] Language of Technology: The Future of Communication in Africa,” will explore how technology is creating a “new language” and way of communicating and what this means for the future of communication in Africa. Conference programming and content will look at how this “new language,” through online video, messaging apps, voice interfaces, and the like allows us to share our stories, share our competencies and increase our efficiencies. Ultimately, enabling us to take our collective learnings and apply them locally for the betterment of our communities and the continent at large.

Now here’s how you get involved:
SMW Lagos is first and foremost about collaboration and how we leverage our collective experience and expertise to have a greater impact across the continent and globally. We undoubtedly can achieve more when we work together. With this thought in mind we invite thought leaders in Lagos and all over the world to share their knowledge and best practices via our platform by submitting an event proposal for #SMWLAGOS 2017.

Event submissions are now open and will close on the 2nd of December.

Here are a few tips to submitting your best proposal:

  • Take the time to prepare your proposal.
  • Draw inspiration from our ‘5 Year Plan,’ it’s our road map for the #Next5Years.
  • Ensure your idea is inline with our 2017 theme.
  • Confirm all the details of your event.
  • Fill out the submission form in it’s entirety. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Download our Event Partner Guide. Read it thoroughly to help you submit your best proposal:

Submit your proposal here:


Founder | Creative Director , AFRIKA21


Ngozi Odita is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week Lagos, a week-long conference in Lagos, Nigeria that brings together thought leaders, key stakeholders and the public to explore how social media impacts industry, government, civil society and culture. Now in it’s fourth year Social Media Week Lagos draws over 12,000 people annually and is the largest digital media and business conference on the continent of Africa. Odita is also founder of AFRIKA21, a media and production outfit that takes a multidisciplinary approach to promoting a new vision of Africa in the 21st Century. AFRIKA21 produces online content, multimedia events and public programming with the expressed purpose of reframing the conversation around Africa, creating awareness of the opportunities that exist on the continent and encouraging collaboration. As a public speaker, Odita focuses on the intersection of art, culture and technology as it relates to Africa and the diaspora. She speaks to the unique opportunities that exist on the continent and “what’s next” on the horizon. Odita to date has spoken at UCLA's Anderson School of Business, Yale University, Columbia University, South By South West, Museum of Art & Design, Brooklyn Museum, The New School, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Social Media Week (NYC, London, Lagos), and The Open Center.

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