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Photo: Studio 24 Nigeria
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The session, hosted by Anthill Studio, started with the viewing of the short film by Niyi Akinmolayan- Room 315 which is dedicated to mental health awareness in the world. The film gained more awareness through a blog, and had many people seeking help for mental illnesses they didn’t know existed.

The poignancy of the film underscores the importance of creating great content. Content creation, especially blogging should not always be synonymous with gossip or other mundane affairs. Your blog can be about promoting a cause. As content providers, the information we put out should be structured and authentic. And social media remains a veritable tool for spreading powerful messages.

Room 315 for instance helped to forge knowledge on mental illness, which to the surprise of many is three times more prevalent in people than HIV. Because someone chose to blog about it, more people began to pay attention to mental health.

You can teach makeup, cooking, better ways to take care of the home, gardening, and tips on how do just about anything on your blog. You can dedicate your content to a cause that will benefit humanity. In fact, quite a number of people have discovered what they are passionate about because someone else chose to create content about it.

Photo: Studio 24 Nigeria

It’s rather sad that up until today, what gets far more attention is bad news, gossip and watery content. More people need to talk about stuff that is wholesome and beneficial to humanity. You may not feel like writing all the time, but remember that content creation is more of a decision, and whatever you put out there in the form of words will eventually outlive you. It’s why you have to be careful with what you put out there for public consumption.

As much as you can get feedback about your content through the stats on your platform, the more authentic feedback you will obtain would be by asking people what they actually think about what you have posted. This helps you gauge the impact of your content and improve on it.

All of us create content one way or the other. What matters, however, is that regardless of the social media platform we choose we must dedicate ourselves to creating good content.

Ololade Ajekigbe

Blogger, Lolo's Thoughts

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