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I feel like the thing about meet-up sessions is it comes with this cozy feeling of having people who share the same hobbies, passions and what not with you in the same place, all out to talk about it with unsuppressed excitement. It’s such a contagious feeling.

This morning, at the meet-up session organized by Eat Drink Lagos; a host of bloggers came together to talk about all things blogging but most importantly around tourism in Nigeria. From a lot of conversation that ensued, there was – and there still is – a need for someone to take the reins and show Nigeria to Nigerians, and the world at large and it was this need that birthed these blogs. However, more importantly, social media has been the vehicle that has  made it possible for tourism in Africa to have had an immense growth in recent years.

If you have a knack for travel – and around Nigeria particularly – you want to look up Social Prefect Tours and The One Effect (their name has a ring to it).

Also, we had a fashion blogger and a lifestyle blogger present, Fashion by Daisy and Lade’s Blog, giving us intel of their type of blogging. Fashion by Daisy’s started The Blogger Point, a platform for bloggers to connect and network.

This session was all-round cool and definitely a good start for #TravelAfricaDay.


Adeola Alokolaro

Account Manager/Twitter Account Executive, Ad Dynamo


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