How Technology & Digital Tools Will Stimulate Agriculture in Africa

Photo: Studio 24 Nigeria
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The agricultural sector in Nigeria is the highest employer of labour in Nigeria with over 73 million farmers. Farmcrowdy has dedicated itself to contributing to end poverty in Africa one farmer at a time. To achieve this, Farmcrowdy reaches out to farming communities to recruit farmers, match them with sponsors and provide support for farms and farmers so they can reach their maximum potential. In a sector with so much potential but without substantial financial and government contribution, this is a welcome development. Farmcrowdy creates relationships with the communities where these farms are and these communities through their leaders put forward their best and trustworthy farmers because trust is the most important thing in this industry.

While there are opportunities for new businesses, there are issues with

  1. Markets to sell
  2. Insurance
  3. Security
  4. Climate change
  5. Trust

The government is trying to invest in the agricultural sector but partnerships seem impossible. Private organizations can help the government by providing data to help the government plan better.

Because of the use of digital tools like Farmcrowdy, there is extensive research on how to improve agriculture in Nigeria. These improvements require for new businesses to spring up and develop the ecosystem. New companies in irrigation, mechanization and transportation are needed.

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