The Emergence of Data Centers As Offshoots of The Nigerian ICT Awakening

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One aspect of the ICT innovation in Nigeria that can hardly be ignored is the emergence of data centers. Gone are the “dark ages” when information was stored in bulky files and cabinets, which are prone to destruction by fire, water or even rodents. And the process of data recovery was a cumbersome one.

These days, more and more organizations are beginning to develop the capacity to store data in facilities housing a large group of network computer servers. A development that has led to increased assuredness about the safety and security of vital information.

With ratings which range from Tier 1 to Tier 4, the establishment of data centers in Nigeria has opened yet another opportunity for businesses in Nigeria. Especially in the light of the Central Bank’s policy which prevents certain financial information from being stored outside the shores of the country.

Most of the data centers fall into the Tier 3 and Tier 4 ratings category. They offer services ranging from simply storing large amount of data to hosting the Internet exchange point of Nigeria (IXPN), to providing floor space for housing IT equipment and servers, to providing necessary power distribution, cooling, cabling, fire suppression and physical security systems.

Others build and operate neutral telecommunications infrastructure that assist telecommunications companies in offering cost effective and efficient services to the public.

Some of these data centers include:

-Rack Centre

-Main One’s MDXi

-MTN Business Lagos Data Center

-Medallion Communication Ltd

-Excelsimo Networks Ltd

-Broadbased Communications Ltd

-Lagos Data Centre


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