African Technology Entrepreneur - 10 Questions to Validate Your Startup!

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Hosted by COSIGN

Masterclass Suite Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B VI Lagos

You have an idea, now what?

You probably come up with ideas all the time. Maybe your ideas come to you in the shower, while driving somewhere, while reading a book, or during some other activity. For many of us, it’s not coming up with an idea that’s the hard part, it’s what the heck to do next. So if you have a great idea for an app or technology and wonder how to get started? We can help you paint a clearer picture.

Many people believe starting a business is mysterious process. During this program we show you what are the first steps to take. Learn more about what it takes to get started and what questions to ask to yourself to validate the need for your idea/company. In order to take an idea and move it forward, you need to analyze and adjust. You need to understand that every business and every idea has a different combination for success. Hear other important topics from fundraising to protecting your idea.

In this session, it will be interactive and allow you to ask questions and participate in few exercises that will help fill in the pieces in you entrepreneurship journey. You will hear from most innovative startups to hit the scene to help inspire and encourage the leap of faith. They will share tips and resources to help you in your journey.

Some questions you can expect to be answered:

– What problem are you solving?

– What key features does the idea have that others cannot be copy?

– Do you have access to resources to launch your idea?

Venue & Location

Masterclass Suite

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

Social Media Week

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

African Technology Entrepreneur - 10 Questions to Validate Your Startup!

Hosted by COSIGN

  • Esosa Ighodaro

    Esosa Ighodaro

    President & Co-Founder


  • Abiodun Johnson

    Abiodun Johnson