An Entrepreneur's Perspective on a Mobile Africa [Web, Apps and VAS]

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Hosted by Food, Fun & Business (FFB) Inc.

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos

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Last year, FFB Inc. delivered a two-day session on “The influence of Social Media on 21st century entrepreneurship”. On day 1, Image consultant – Ifeoma Williams and Enterprise Creative Founder – Nkiru Asika (Represented by Nwaji Jibunoh) shared on how ‘the new wave’ has influenced their businesses. On day 2, Information Nigeria Founder – Kingsley Ezeani along with Winifred Dibie and Social Media Strategist John Obidi spoke on how they’ve built successful businesses in Africa using social media.

This year, we’re setting out to see ‘mobile’ through the eyes of relatively established entrepreneurs with a bias to those within the African tech space. Our panel would comprise Jason Njoku of Spark & IrokoTV, Tayo Oviosu of Paga, Nkiru Asika of Enterprise Creative and Chika Nwobi of 440NG & Betazoo, while Future Award Prize 2013 nominee for New media, John Obidi will be our host. The aim of this event is to help those in attendance see how Africa is connected via mobile, and how that directly impacts on their entrepreneurial experiences. Also within the scope of focus is how social media plugs into this system and how measurable is its influence on today’s businesses, directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, other key areas of discussion that day are Mobile Web, Mobile Apps & Mobile VAS. Each thought leader would express their opinions in detail on these based on expertise and experiences. All in attendance would have a clear picture of the current state of mobile and a vision of what is to come, with an end to positioning themselves rightly for the rise of a connected Africa.


3 Key Questions that will be answered at this event:

1. How well are mobile apps really doing in Africa and are there clear monetization systems for mobile app developers? Answers to these questions will provide great detail on which of the mobile platforms offers the most financial reward on investment for mobile apps developed. This question will also address the needs of people who want to build mobile apps but haven’t learned to code and what opportunities are available to such people. Tech companies like Andromo would be looked at here. Also to be examined is the current status of mobile penetration in Africa and projections for the future with an end to mapping various demographics to usage.

2. To what extent have regular websites been adapted to become responsive or have a mobile alternative, and how do these statistics influence advertising revenue in our increasingly mobile Africa? Tech startups like Twinpine, Opera Mini and Addynamo would be carefully examined in order to extract info on how their business models work and how it might influence the ecosystem. Attendees would be exposed to new and innovative methods of reaching a wider audience via mobile web.

3. What really is a mobile VAS (Value Added Service) company and how do these businesses benefit from telcos? Do young entrepreneurs without any high-networks stand a chance at entering this space and benefiting from this space? What kind of content is most lucrative and how can creative and digital entrepreneurs begin to play in this arena? How exactly do the rules of engagement differ for VAS companies in Nigeria, versus those in Europe, Asia & America? Everyone present would gladly learn about the ‘loop hole’ in the Nigerian constitution that allows for VAS companies to thrive on the sheer size of foreign telcos.

Overall, this event would ensure that the perspectives of each entrepreneur on the panel align neatly to give each attendee a clear idea on how we can be upwardly mobile in our rise as a connected Africa!


  1. Ebi Atowodi (GM, Uber Lagos)
  2. Bastian Gotter (COO, iROKO Partners)
  3. Christian Keller (CEO, Carmudi NG/GH)
  4. Ayo Adegboye (VP, Scheinder Electric; formerly Director at SAMSUNG W/A)


  1. Ndubuisi Benjamin (Convener, FFB Events)
  2. John Obidi (Social Media Strategist, ObidiSocial)

Venue & Location

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa

Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru
Victoria Island, Lagos

Social Media Week

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

An Entrepreneur's Perspective on a Mobile Africa [Web, Apps and VAS]

Hosted by Food, Fun & Business (FFB) Inc.

  • Ayo Adegboye

    Ayo Adegboye



  • Ebi Atawodi

    Ebi Atawodi


    Uber Lagos

  • Bastian Gotter

    Bastian Gotter

    COO, Co-Founder


  • Christian Keller

    Christian Keller

    Managing Director

    Carmudi Nigeria

  • John Obidi

    John Obidi

    Social Media Strategist

    Blue Fountain Solutions,